Forum Thread: Cant recieve posts on facebook about farmville anymore

I recently signed up for gamers unite.I had it for 1 day when realized what it was.I went though all of the steps of removing it,but for some reason my facebook page isnt posting anything that has to do with farmville anymore.Nothing that my friends do or post on farmvill(lonely animals,free gifts,etc) is showing up on my page.What should I do?

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It hasn't stopped because of gamers unite, that's for sure. But, in order not to appear in gamers Unite friends lists simply go the the site and click "unlike", that removes you from the list. Now to remove the application, simply go to your FB home page and click accounts (top right) and select Privacy Settings. Bottom left select Applications and Websites. Click the cross against Gamers Unite and the application is removed. Now for your home page prob about not receiving any FV posts. Sounds as if you've accidently blocked it. Again go to Accounts (top right of home page) and click Privacy Settings. At the bottom click Block Lists. This shows every application that is blocked from posting on your home page. Hope this helps.

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