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does anyone know if there is a common glitch in Farmville regarding certain pop-up publication boxes?   I do not get a sharing publication box when I plant seedlings, water and grow seedlings, nor when I harvest my chicken coop.  Any clue how this can be fixed?  Thanks for any input...

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Hi Jenny,

I did notice this too last night, but today everything is back to normal and I was able to publish the bonuses.  I have noticed that when I do not get a pop-up (after harvesting chicken coop, for ex.,) it usually is because my farm is OOS (Out of Sync) and the notice has not appeared yet.  I go ahead and clear my Adobe Flash Player cache, then re-load my farm and that usually fixes it.  (Select "Delete All Sites, Confirm).  

For future reference, you can check the Known Issues page in the forums to see if your problem is listed there  If it is, you can be assured that they are working on it.  You can also check the  "The hottest issues and answers for FarmVille" for your problem.   If you would like to open a ticket for support, send Customer Service an email

Hope this helps!  -Ama :))

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