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Forum Thread: new collections in farmville

Can someone please help me? I am working on completing the new collections in farmville. I have found a list of links to ask for some of the collection items but it only lists some of the items which are the more common ones. What I want to know is are there ask for or give links for the more rare items like the sitar and the berry basket, or is it possible to create these links

Forum Thread: Spooky Lake is really Spooky!

My Spooky Lake from Halloween is really spooky.  I can not keep it on the farm.  Every  time I put that lake on the farm my games goes out of sync.  And the Lake goes back to the barn.  I have been trying to get this lake of the farm for over 3 weeks now.  Any answers?

Forum Thread: Zynga Games Interactivity Request

Would like to see more interactivity between Farmville and other Zynga games.  For example, since we can now customize our avatar, why can't we win exclusive clothing through Yoville?  Another example:  I would love to have a limousine from Mafia Wars to park outside my mansion on the farm.  Still another example:  why not some exclusive crop available through participation in Treasure Island?  The list could go on indefinitely.  And one more thing:  It can be very difficult for those of us w...

Forum Thread: Options For Getting FarmVille Cash

If you're broke and have no hope of having extra money to buy FarmVille Cash, is there:1. Another way to get FV cash?2. A way that a neighbor (i.e., friend, family) could buy FV cash for you?3. A means to get to the top level without FV cash?I realize that Zynga is a corporation and operates for profit, and that the income from people buying FV cash is a source of its profits.However, some of my family/neighbors just don't have two nickels to rub together. And, if they drop out, I probably wi...

Forum Thread: Spanish Version of "WonderHowto"?

Is there a Spanish version of the page "Wonder How to Remove Gamers Unite?" It would be wonderful to be able to send it to one of my Neighbors as she is on the List.  Delighted to report that there were several people who managed to remove themselves from the List and then there were the people who removed themselves from my List.   LOL

Forum Thread: gem collections

Hi everyone I'm Keyi and I'm new here Can anyone please tell me what happens to my gem collectables when i click 'use'?  because when i clicked use on five of them the other day and went to my collections there was nothing there not even a collections store for any gems  :-(