Forum Thread: What would you like to see here?

Hi guys! As your new community admin, I'm very excited and happy to be working on this site and posting great information to help you out. 

From the hundreds of questions I've been asked over the last 9 months since I started playing, I've been able to determine some basic things that are important to make guides for and illustrate clearly. But you know what they say, 2 heads are better than one! So please, if you have any questions or suggestions for future How-To videos, guides, etc. let me know and I'll be happy to get right on it!

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a regional theme like things from Yorkshire GB 

I don't actually work for Zynga, so theme requests should go to them on their forums. This question is about the blog and what kind of tips or how to's people need :)

oops sorry  im new here  lol

Katie, do you know of a place that list all the animals in farmville and what they are harvested for (in coins) I know you have mentioned several in some of your articles but I am really interested in having a list of them. Thank you for your time and your answer if possible. and are very good resources!

well, i need some help about the hair extension clip on , where i can get the best one . i have marriage in next year and i want to look beautiful.

As FarmVille has absolutely NOTHING to do with hair extensions, this is NOT the place to ask about that and I cannot help you here. 

I would like to see a search feature.

Let me revise mine:

I would like to see a better search feature.

You  have a lot of "guides" and "tips" but I can't seem to find any by doing a search.

I get gobbledegook back with nothing related to my search word(s).

That's a good suggestion Marsha. I have a hard time finding them when I reference them out to people too! I do not own wonderhowto, so I can't make changes to the website itself. Are you using the search in the upper left corner when you look? I try to tag my articles with as many related keywords as possible so people can find them. Also try looking in the blog tab to see just the most recent articles, and try the corkboard to find the more useful articles.

I've linked up most of the most helpful articles in this post, hope it helps!

Thanks, Katie, for your response. I'm sure the suggestions you've given me here will be helpful!

You were my first reference in my "Links and Resources" folder for FarmVille. Your information is so clear, concise and comprehensive. I appreciate how much work you put into gathering and formatting your posts.

Thank you from a grateful Farmer! 

Katie coud you please make a tutorial for how to breed the new way!

I allready know the new way  but but i think many dont know yet so a tutorial would be great!!

Like this one?

Can you take us back to the basics, i.e.:

What is a "status update"? Where can you find it? What is "PM"? 

I guess that it's primarily the "shortcut" language that it used, and there is no "dictionary" for such.

How about a "dictionary"?

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