Forum Thread: Zynga Games Interactivity Request

Would like to see more interactivity between Farmville and other Zynga games.  For example, since we can now customize our avatar, why can't we win exclusive clothing through Yoville?  Another example:  I would love to have a limousine from Mafia Wars to park outside my mansion on the farm.  Still another example:  why not some exclusive crop available through participation in Treasure Island?  The list could go on indefinitely.  And one more thing:  It can be very difficult for those of us with extended families and/or severe medical problems to properly attend our farms.  It would be extremely considerate of Zynga to introduce an extended term crop as an allowance for vacations and illnesses (and other situations which required a long term absence) which could pay xp on harvest as a deterrent to deliberate non-participation.

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