How To: Nursery Breeding Guide

Nursery Breeding Guide

Here is a chart I created which indicates what each baby will grow up into when it is placed in the Nursery Barn. Be forewarned that the foal or calf you put into the Nursery will NOT usually grow up into the large version. This was done to keep it fair for those who bought special horses with farm cash. 

You can see what each animal will grow up to be when you hover over its icon in the nursery barn.

Click the image to see it larger.

Nursery Breeding Guide

Candy Corn Pony Foal - Becomes Light Blue Pony


  • The baby you put in will not come out looking like it's mother a majority of the time! If you wish to save that animal and not risk it growing up into one of the top 6 animals, do NOT put it in the Nursery!

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Nursery Breeding Guide

All animal images copyright Zynga. 

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Do you happen to know what kind of foals the black pony's produce?

I have had my black pony's produce 2 kinds of foals the black pony foal and the light blue pony foal

The Black Pony produces the Black Pony Foal in the Horse stable. Tha Black Pony Foal produces the Light Blue Pony in the Nursery Barn. Hope this Helps.....

Does anyone know how many cows need to be in the dairy barn in order for it to produce a calf?
Can't stuff it with the same type of cow since I have just one, Will I ever be able to get a calf from just one cow or must I purchase more cows?

Thanks, I should add the black pony stuff sometime!
As for getting a calf, I've found it best to have it full, but you can definitely get one with less, you just need more tries.
I've been able to get calfs from just one cow in there, or just that one amongst many! I always try to purchase more cows, but in the case of the pink patch I didn't figure it all out in time so I only have 2. I've managed to get probably 5 babies from them over the past several months.

You MUST have a Bull in the barn too. Not to get in to the birds and bees but when a cow meets a bull...... Your desired reward is not far... You won't get a calf every time.

Thanks I guess I just need to be more persistent. lol!

Maybe someone can help me, too. I have a Simmental cow and would like to breed her. Is the bull we are using on the feed a hereford? And, would I get a "what"? A hereford mix, or a Simmental?

Not sure what the breed of the bull is, but it doesnt have a special calf for it. If you put the simmental in the dairy with him, you will get a simmental calf :)

Not sure what the breed of the bull is, but it doesnt have a special calf for it. If you put the simmental in the dairy with him, you will get a simmental calf :)

Thanks Katie. I am going to try. Also, for those that are wondering, I just found a "wandering stallion" on the feed! I believe they are back!

if rare foals grow into common species, then how to make rare foals grow into rare animals, like black stallion faol into black stallion or pink pony foal to pink pony ?

You can't make it grow into those... you can only get those by buying them when they are available in the market or mystery game.

I have a black stallion foal... What he become?? Should I have in the nursery or not? I just started breeding a couple of months ago, I still have a lot to learn. Please help with my black stallion foal!!!

As you can see in the chart, black stallion foals become the black horse. If you only have one, I suggest you NOT put him in the nursery as he is likely to grow up and be gone forever :(

i dont see the point of this nursery if we cant raise our foals make it fair for all to get specials horses why let just certain plaers get it we all want them as much as them GET RID OF FV CASH FOR GOOD

I'M NOT ZYNGA! Go tell them:

Its fair for those of us who pay for the horses. If Farmville gets rid of the rv cash , You can bet they will start charging for the game. Keep the RV Cash. I do wish they would allow those of us who purchased the horses to be able to get that same horse as adult /pony from our nursery

The brown mini foal grows into a brown mini. I have done this several times.

i'm wondering if there is a very small chance of getting just the big version of any foal.

my brown mini just turned into a cream mini. do you always get a brown mini or just sometimes?

There is NO chance of getting the big version if it was a farm cash animal. This chart is correct. Not sure what Susan saw, but all mini foals grow up into mini cream horse.

okay thank you for the info :)

What does a stallion foal grow in to?

Is there anything special I need to do to get my babies to grow up in the nursery??? My babies rarely grow up!

I have purchased several horses such as clydesdale, autumn and percheron. How do I get those kinds of foals?

with the horses, do you need a specific stallion to breed with a specific mare to get the different foals?? I seem to get the same 3 foals all the time from my 2 stallions. Should I take one out of the stable and just breed with one at a time or is it better to have them both in there.??

Thank you so much for this chart! It was incredibly helpful and EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Heather-from my personal experience, the better quality your horses are, the better turn out your foals are. And the closer to 100% they were, the higher the ratio they seem to turn out being Foals, instead of Coins. But I've not made any type of horses that I don't own. Meaning Just because I have a Clydesdale, or a Horse worth FC and because I have my own Stallion. It doesn't mean that suddenly a Mustang showed up. It seems to only cycle thru the Sorts you have, plus Blue & black ponies.

i want to know if anone has heard went were going to get to breed the unicorn im one of the lucy few that have rhem all and sure redy t o share...

i suggest that the colors of the mother and baby will be the same

My stallion is a Black Clydesdale. I purchased a Purple Ponytail Horse, and have been successfully breeding them, getting purple ponytail foals. But I wonder what I will get if I put the foal in the nursery?

i need to know do you get like bedazzeled horses out of your nursery when they grow up? and also when they grow up do you get one or do you only give them away?

ou can create a bedazzeled foal from adult horse in your stable with a stallion but you must share it and those that get it will be getting a black horse . thats what it grows up to be.

There are a few new foals that grow up into there adult versions... The Batwing horse is one of those. I just got one today from a foal in my stable. There are others but I don't know what they are atm.

the nightmare calf is also one that will grow into its matching grown up (not the pumpkin calf, the black one with the fire mane)

Also, the foals that come out of the stable can be either from the mares or the stallions that you have in there. I was getting a couple random brown foals when there were no brown horses, but have found that those came from the candycorn horse and from the ice blue pegacorn as well as the old skeleton horse, not sure if they have changed that one yet

My home farm Nursery Barn isn't working. It says it's ready for harvest but I don't get $$ or grown foals. Anyone else having this problem?

I have several calves and nursery isnt full....why cant i place them in there?

None of my male calves or foals will go into the nursery barn either, can anyone help??

I don't have a nursery barn. How do I grow up foals and calfs???

how long does it take to grow up a baby in the nursery?

how do you get a nursery barn

I want more monkeys, its all about decorating for me. Do you know about the babies for monkeys? Thank you

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