News: Add Me Please =)

Add Me Please =)

I'm looking to add more neighbors for farmville. Send gifts daily & always send a gift if I take one. Thanks

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Hi I'm looking for new neighbours to help and help me with my farm. Thanks

Hi James I Too Need More Neighbours To Expand I Play All The Time And Always Send & return Gifts.

Add me to neighbors for farmville....:)

hi neighbors, i am open for neighbors, feel free to add me on fv

hi there, hope we can becom good neighbours x thank you

Hi neighbors, Add me as ur frnd and we will be the good frndz and good neighbor
I help u In any matter


please add me send gifts everyday

I am new, will play and send gifts everyday
add me pls

++++ ... ??????
+--`.¸.MY FRIENDS ??

?-·:*'''ADD ME''*:·-?

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