News: Add me please!!!!!!!

Add me please!!!!!!!


I need more neighbours 2 expand my farm. So plzzzzzzzzz send me friend request.

I am retired and looking for neighbours. I play every day!!

Hi Jack I Think mI Already Asked You My Name Is Sue I Play & Gift Everyday And I Live In The UK

hi Sue, not sure if i have already asked you to be my neighbour, I am also from UK and would be pleased if you woul be my neighbour

I'm Here looking For Neighbours I Play Every Day And Also Return All Gifts .....By The Wat This Is For Jack I'm Looking For You But As Yet Can't Find You. Sue xxx

If you plays farmvile, i want to be your neighbour.

send me a friend and/or neighbor req.

Feel free to add me as a neighbor on FarmVille. I am currently level 93 and climbing. I play everyday and I return all gifts and requests.

ADD ME If your new to farmville & would like foals. I still have the old stable & tons of horses to breed! I would like to help new players get tons of stuff they need but can't seem to gather enough of... I WILL HELP YOU WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED OTHER THAN LIKING MY POST WHEN YOU GET STUFF!
Southern Smiles,
I am on level 206... I THINK!

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