News: Contest for 7-11 code on Facebook

Contest for 7-11 code on Facebook

I'm having a contest for a 7-11 code that I announced an hour ago on the facebook page

All you need to do is:

Comment on the announcement on the facebook page with a short phrase like 'I love FarmVille!'. Then get YOUR friends to 'like' your comment and write their own! 

The person with the most likes from their friends (preferably new fans) will get the code emailed to them.

To tell your friends to vote for you, use the 'suggest to friends' link on the left side, under the picture, and send them all a message asking them to join in for great tips and updates. You can also Share the post with the announcement and picture of the prizes to your facebook wall and add a message asking them to help you out in the contest. 

You have 2 days, as this will end Saturday at 5:30pm PST and the code will be given by email. 

Good Luck!! facebook page

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