News: FarmVille Snowman Construction Links

FarmVille Snowman Construction Links

Snowman Construction parts for FarmVille!

In FarmVille you can now build a snowman! To get the pieces you need you'll have to ask for a few from your friends. You can ask once/ day and the friends are supposed to reset each day. Mine didn't thus far, so I'm providing the links so you can ask for them here!

Snowmen give you watering cans when you 'harvest' them! You can build more than one, but you'll need lots of supplies!

FarmVille Snowman Construction Links


FarmVille Snowman Construction Links

ASK for snowman parts.

Pile of Snow

Snowman Scarf

Snowman Button

Magic Hat

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Stages of growth

FarmVille Snowman Construction Links

See the full guide on the official Farmville blog!

Now that your snowmen are fully built, sit back and watch them do the Macarena!

FarmVille Snowman Construction Links

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finally i can finish the snowman, becuase it is a hassle , thank you Katie


These links are the only reason I got a 2nd one (and finished the first!) - thanks, Katie

these links have been very helpful esp creating 2nd Snowman, helps w/ water cans for you and neighbors esp. if you like seedlings and orchards!!

Thank you ever so much,it was very kind and thoughtful of you to take time in helping others.

Hi Katie, Thank you for your links. I would like to start a new snowman. How do I get the initial snowman frame?

when you are building a snowman you cant buy an other one
but when you finished one you can start a new one
you buy the snowman in the market by the specials , now it is first the valentone then you scroll farther and you wil find the snowman frame it is a melted snow ball and its 5000 coins , have fun you have only 9 days to build

Thank you Ariette for your answer!! Going to work on those snowman....

Finally, I finished my Snowman! I just couldn't get a hat!!!!! Thank you! :)

Thank you very much!!! It's only because of these links that I was able to build 32 snowmen!!! :)

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