News: Mystery Game - Black Stallion!

Mystery Game - Black Stallion!

FarmVille added a new feature today in place of the old Mystery Boxes. This is a mystery game! 

It costs a bit more than the old boxes did, but you are guaranteed to get at least one of each of the mystery prizes by the time all the balloons are popped, instead of wasting tons of farm cash and perhaps opening a hundred mystery boxes and never getting that one thing you really wanted. So this is a great improvement and is much more interactive than the old 'purple sparkly poof'. 

You can still get multiples of each item.

You can close FarmVille, add farm cash and reopen the game without losing progress on your mystery game!

I'd say the only downside is that you can no longer send the new gifts to friends with the mystery game.


  • The Black Stallion can be won from this game. He IS a breeding horse! He can be used in the same way as the white stallion to help make foals. He does not leave like the wandering stallion. 
  • The Black Stallion foal grows up into the black horse in the Nursery.

Mystery Game - Black Stallion!

Here's a video of me playing the new Mystery Game - Pop the Balloons!

Prizes: Black Stallion (YES he is a breeder like the White Stallion and Wandering Stallion), White Lion Cub, White Kangaroo, White Buck, White Squirrel, White Porcupine 

Mystery Game - Black Stallion!

Mystery Game - Black Stallion!

As you can see, I still ended up spending 360 farm cash on this, to get all the items, but I'd say that's about what I used to spend on Mystery Boxes when I was going after all the items. 

Plus, if you create a Zynga account when you purchase, you get 25 free farm cash! Read more about this in this short post from FarmvilleFeed.

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1 Comment

thank you mistery game!! I spent 280 FV to find miniature stallion, and
I find 3 babydoll sheeps, 3 miniature pigs, 1 pygmy marmoset, 3
miniature goats, 4 mini donkeys and no miniature stallion! more than 37
euros for nothing!!!it's daylight robbery!

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