News: Mystery Game Contents

Mystery Game Contents

I will be adding the weekly mystery game/box/chest contents here with the newest on top for quick reference. 

10/12 - 10/19 "Best of" Mystery game

Mystery game: Swiss Manor, Breton Horse, Bouncy Castle, Ornate Carriage, Gray Fox Kit, Armadillo

9/7-9/14 Wild West themed items

(New) Saddle Horse. Old: Hooded Merganser, Mirror Lake, Campsite, Saloon, Chipmunk

Mystery Game Contents

8/28- 9/7 Wild West Theme

Cowgirl Gnome, Javelina (pig), Buffalo, Coyote Pup, Express Station, Desert Pond

Mystery Game Contents

Sunday 8/14 - One day only

New Mystery Game: WHITE STALLION, peacock, White OWL, cardinal, grey goose, LOP eared bunny 

(I put peoples favorites in caps for you. Those come highly recommended)

See images at

Saturday 8/13 - One day only

Japanest egret, tea house II, falling blossom, japanese manor, japanese gazebo, hot spring

Images at

Friday 8/12 - One day only

New Mystery game contents: Hula Pig, White Sand Bar, Blue Macaw, Mini Beach, Hot Pink Flamingo (x2), Island Pig

See images at

Thursday 8/12 - One day only

Todays mystery game: Roe deer (new), bee catcher(x2), bellissimo falls, florella fountain, fattoria, rosetta hall

See images at farmvillefeed

Wednesday 8/11 - One day only

Jackrabbit, bobcat, longhorn cow, Woody's cactus, roadrunner, appaloosa

For pictures check farmvillefeed

Tuesday 8/10 - One day only

Cafe, Restaurant, Pavilion, 4 Lavender Knolls, 2 Forests, Weasel (New)

To see images check out Farmville Examiner's post

Monday 8/9 - One day only

Today only: Beaver (new), Bear Cub, Sauna, Totem x3, Birch x3, Redwood x3

You can see the contents on

Mystery game contents 8/3 - 8/8

 Mini Stallion, Pygmy Marmosets, Babydoll Sheep, Mini Goat, Mini Donkey, Miniature Pig

*The stallion can be used just like the white, black and wandering stallions to produce foals!

Mystery Game Contents

Mystery game contents 7/27 - 8/3

New Carriage, Ornate Cottage, Hooded Merganser, Mill, Beach Cottage, Angora Goat

Mystery Game Contents

Watch my video of the mystery game to see how it works

Mystery Game video - contents from 7/13 - 7/20

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