News: Re-Gifting


Got some gifts that you don't need? Now you can Re-Gift them!


Click the purple re-gift button and you'll get this little popup


You can select how many you wish to share then press share to publish them on the news feed!


Limit: You can only re-gift 3 different items/ day. 

BUT you can share as many of that item as you have in one of those 3 posts. (Example: I can share 20 vehicle parts, 4 dutch rabbits, and 7 nails on the feed today. )


Things that you can regift

Things from the free gifts page such as: 

Bricks, nails, boards, stable supplies, nursery supplies, shovels, vehicle parts, bees, and certain collectibles. 

Animals, trees and decorations also can be re-gifted!


What else can you share?

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Oh now FINALLY someone over there is using their brain to think with lol

Yeh it only seems to be for building or expanding items at the moment. Lets hope they extend it to all gifts.

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