News: See this?? Read it ;)

See this?? Read it ;)

Alright, I'm still looking for more people to 'like' the facebook page! 

 It's easy to remember too! 

Please share it with your friends so I can give away bigger prizes as mentioned here .

As for this one, I have a 7-11 code to give away to the first person who comments on this post.

I can't just post the code here in the post because buy earn play will deactivate all accounts attempting to use duplicate codes and I don't want everyone banned :)

So, yes just please comment something nice about how much you would like the code and I'll send it your way! I'll tell you what it's for once I send you it and you can decide if you want it or give it to your friend if you already have it. 

Redeem codes at

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I would love to have a code. We don't have 7-11's in our area. My brothers are truck drivers. Thought about asking them to stop if they ever come across one. Would love that uber gift of 200 farm cash!! Have an awesome day!!

Please I would love the code.... I have the need for something good to happen, its been a rough month or 3.... LOL thanks in advance {{{{LY}}}}

200 farm cash?!?! I'd love a code! I only have 2 FV cash & I'm on level 70. :(

I like what there doing in Farmville It best game I like playing on my computer.. Just need link to Tuscan Wedding Cake tent

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