News: Storage Cellar

Storage Cellar

More Storage is here for all! It takes up less space than a plot and once you expand it to 500, you can get rid of your other barns if need be and it will hold all 500 items on its own!

Scroll down to the end to see 5 ways to get shovels!

Storage Cellar

Find your cellar in your gift box and place it on your farm. 

Storage Cellar

Storage Cellar

Once placed, you can see inside your storage cellar and notice there are prizes, comparisons, and your storage inventory available. 

Storage Cellar

To expand the storage you can ask for shovels. Use this link to do this now!

For every shovel you add, you can store one more item. (So if you already had all 200 storage full, you will only need to add 300 shovels to get to the 500 max limit) 

Storage Cellar

After you've asked 30 people, try to ask more, it let me but this is not guaranteed to work. You can also send shovels to neighbors that request them after you've run out of gift sends. 

When your neighbors send you them they will have the option to get a prize in return!

Storage Cellar

You can trade in your shovels for special prizes: mole, crystal rock, miner sheep, cave gnome, antique tractor.

Storage Cellar

Don't worry, trading in your shovels for prizes wont make your cellar's depth decrease!

Ways to get shovels

  • You can 'ask for shovels' using the blue button seen above.  Use this link to do this now!
  • When you respond to people shovel requests you can get 2 as a bonus.
  • You can ask for 2 shovels using the wishlist feature through your gift box.
  • You can buy shovels in the market at 5 farm cash for 10 shovels.

Storage Cellar

  • Finally, you can find 2 free shovels on your feed as your friends gather shovels to increase their storage, and pass their neighbors on the comparison tab.

Storage Cellar

If you accidentally delete or sell your storage cellar, you can buy another in the market, buildings tab, under storage for 10,000 coins. Limit 1

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I did not get one in my gift box so I bought one and that one disappeared after 2 shovels because my game state went out of sync as usual and now I can not get another one on the first day. Way to go Zynga I will not be back. Thank you.

You should try clearing your Cache and see if it clears things up. If not, contact support and they'll help you out!

You stated that you should "try clearing your Cache." Do you mean my Internet cache, or is there a special cache associated with FarmVille?

There are 2 caches to clear. One is the browser cache, and if you're switching browsers, you'll need to clear all of them. The other is your flash cache, to clear this just right click on your farm and click global settings. It will take you to the adobe website and you will need to click the storage folder and 'delete all websites' to clear it.

I'm guessing Katie meant internet cache... There isn't a special cache for Farmville as far as I know

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