News: Updates June 15 and 16th

Updates June 15 and 16th

New Levels!

Levels 70-90 released. You will get your 20 farm cash if you skip straight to 90 because you had enough xp, or the appropriate amount for however many levels you've completed.

Game changes

No more pink 'ready' dots all over when taking farm photos. 

Wheat is now a 12 hour crop with withering turned off until June 21st so you can get used to the change. Wheat will be a huge component in the crafting buildings, so they wanted it to be ready sooner. 

You can now select items behind buildings and things!

Rotatable buildings!

Updates June 15 and 16th

Well, most of them anyways. Those that cannot be rotated are: Buildings for Storage like barns and sheds, Buildings with a Purpose like the Nursery, Coop, Dairy, and Stable, Haunted Mansion, Stone Cottage, Maison, Island Resort, Lodge and Deluxe Lodge, Yellow Victorian.

Dogs come back after their chores

If your dog was getting lost in the crops and decor on your farm, you'll be happy to know that the dog now comes back to where it started so you wont lose it again :) 

Tuscan wedding Rewards changes.

Neighbors will now get 2 items when gifted.

Rewards now cost less to redeem!

Updates June 15 and 16th

New Animals (for higher levels)

Updates June 15 and 16th

Limited edition buildings are back

Some of your favorite buildings are back on the market in case you missed them in the past!

Updates June 15 and 16th

Mystery box has repeat items: French Quarter Building, Clydesdale, Old Faithful, Moose, Shamrock Inn, Vacation Home.

Updates June 15 and 16th

Updates June 15 and 16th

Note that shoe house and adobe cottage are for coins!

And a new building added for high level players!

Updates June 15 and 16th

New Crops (higher levels)

Updates June 15 and 16th

Lemon Balm is accessable after level 50

Oats after 53

Some Previously released Limited Edition crops are back!Updates June 15 and 16th

Posole Corn after level 54 and mastery of corn.

Bamboo after level 60

Saffron after level 64

If you click More Info you will find out what you need to do to get the crops 

Updates June 15 and 16th

New gifts to give away

Updates June 15 and 16th

Updates June 15 and 16th

Dutch Rabbit - must be level 90 to send. Those less than 90 cannot gift it back.

Also new this week

Updates June 15 and 16th

Updates June 15 and 16th

And last but not least, this surfboard 2 that you'll find 17 pages into the Decorations tab (past the hay bales, fences, scarecrows, topiaries, and more!) 

Updates June 15 and 16th

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