How To: get Foals by Stable Stuffing

get Foals by Stable Stuffing

 I have prepared a stable stuffing how-to for you! For more information about stuffing see this article. 

(There isn't any sound) Read along then try it yourself!

Step 1 Clear some space on your farm and EMPTY your stable.

You want to have a bunch of horses on the ground getting ready. 
If you wish to leave a few horses in for your first collect that's a good idea, but remember that will give you less chances at a foal. 

How to get Foals by Stable Stuffing

Step 2 Find one horse that is at least 34% ready. Put it in the stable.

The horses take 3 days on land to get ready, but only 1 day in the stable. So A horse at 33.3% or more will be ready when placed in the stable. It is because of this unique feature that we are able to stable stuff (whereas if the horses were ready in the same amount of time, when you clicked to move them they would get harvested instantly and start back at 0%).

When you put it in the stable, notice that the pink dot appears over it indicating that it is ready and the stable says 100%. 

Step 3 Add stallion and horses.

Add horses that you want to make a foal from (I like to use special ones that we had to pay for with farm cash so I can give my neighbors rare foals). I've found that 4 or 5 horses works just as well as 20 (or better if you consider the time and effort involved in putting in 20). 

This method works best with the white stallion which was available to purchase with farmcash in the Valentine's mystery box and in the May 11-18th mystery Chest (It is no longer available, you cannot get unless they release it again). 

How to get Foals by Stable Stuffing

*Update, you can use the BLACK Stallion, released in the 7/14 mystery game in the same way as the white stallion. 

How to get Foals by Stable Stuffing

You can also use the MINI stallion for stuffing! 


  • Mini stallion+big horse will give you big foals. 
  • Mini+mini horses will give you mini foals. 
  • You can NOT share mini foals without the mini stallion. (Exception: Cream Mini Foal from Nursery)

How to get Foals by Stable Stuffing

If you don't have the white stallion you will need to find a wandering stallion on your facebook newsfeed. You will need a new stallion for each stuff, so this method takes much longer.

How to get Foals by Stable Stuffing

Step 4 Collect, wait for popup and share!

You may get a foal, a consumable, or a coin reward. 

Here is a great chart showing what different types of foals you can get from the horses. 
*All really limited edition brown horses act like the regular horse and give you a brown foal (high kick horse, spectator horse, pseudocorn, skeleton horse).

How to get Foals by Stable Stuffing

Farmville is constantly adding new horses and foals so be on the look out for new things!

Step 5 Repeat for more foals and rewards. 

I've noticed that I have the best luck with foals when very few of my friends are online. It's nice working late at night because there is less activity on the feed drawing your attention away from the game. 

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I've noticed several interesting things about the mustang post.
First off, in the forum post it says 'wrangling the Wild Stallion' which immediately got me excited for all my friends who never got the white stallion. But I soon realized that no, this horse isn't meant to be the male.

So the next thing I noticed is that we get the foals right away… then what?! It doesn't say anything about if this horse will be able to go in the stable and produce more foals. It doesn't say if you will get the popup again so you can get another one. It doesn't say if it's going to be in the marketplace.

There are a lot of unanswered questions here, and I'm looking forward to the release of it so we can get some answers!

It's ok if you are the rare one who has a White Stallion. How can we get one and PLEASE BRING THEM BACK.

...and this isnt cheating? With all the hullaballoo about Gamers Unite (which has more than FV in its list of games, BTW) and the chicken coop fiasco, one would think this would be right up there in the Do Not Do chain of commands. Im confused.

Zynga has not come out directly to saw this is cheating. Yes I know those things about GU (I'm no longer discussing that issue).
It is up to you to use your discretion with this tip and play the game however you choose. I believe that if zynga wanted to limit us, they would put a limit on it like the chicken coop and dairy barns. Since they haven't, I feel that it is allowed.

This is a bug - it's obviously not meant to work this way or there would not be a timer on the stable. Using a bug to circumvent the way something is supposed to work is cheating, not a "unique feature".

not a bug or cheat. I do it everyday and it works =)

Im wondering how to trade foals. And Thanks. The video helped me out alot.

Just post it on your wall. You can lock it down so only certain people can see it, and they can do the same for you. You can't actually trade the ones you already have on your farm though. See this for how to lock it

Katie ... Please help! I just cant not figure out how to take the seed horse out of the stable after the stable is ready. I tried viewing the video but could not see that part that well ... thanks so much

Since I created this video the farm has changed a lot. You can no longer remove the horse you put in as a seeder. Sorry for any confusion!

Thanks, I was going to ask about removing the seed horse. My questions are: 1) I lose all the coins I earned every time I use this technique more than once per day. My sister says she does not lose her coins. How can I keep mine? and 2) if I get a foal from a horse, can I reuse that horse again? and lastly 3) I can get mini foals from my white stallion; but I have several mini stallion foals. Do they grow up to be mini stallions? I hear they don'e, so where do I get a mini foal stallion?

1) you lose the 'stallion is grateful, here is a bonus' coins but not the ones from the actual horses. she should lose hers too.
2) yes you can reuse the horse as long as you have others to make the building ready.
3) you get mini foals using mini horses + mini stallion. mini foals do NOT grow up into the mother of the same color, they all turn to cream mini horses. you'll have to wait for zynga to re-release the mini stallion horse to get any foals from it.


It is able to get mini foals without a mini stallion.
I just got a miniature foal from my stable and I don't have a mini stallion.
I only won´t get a white mini foal cause that foal needs a white daddy...

you know a way to get a stallion???


Is the way of breeding changed? Cause when I put a 34% horse in my stable and then a lower % horse in de stable, my stable isn't ready anymore. I must put at the end my 34% horse in the stable and then I can harvest?

Yes, it changed. please see this post

bize niye yok bunlardan

The snow stallion allows you to make mini foals. That is the stallion from getting 500 gifts for your holiday Christmas tree. I have made bunches of both sizes.

its not cheating its a trick. dont be mad cause u haven't figured it out

Is that working with snow stallion ?

is there a way to breed your cows also,i heard of this and was wondering how to do it??

I have a pink stallion foal but I don´t know how to grow it up... any idea?

Your foal will grow in the nursery, but he won't grow up to a pink stallion.

I followed the directions and now I have a new foal every day-- but where does they go?! I can't find them! I get a notice saying it has been born, sometimes I share it, sometimes I don't, but either way, I never see it again. I have been getting some great foals! Help!!!

My question is how do you get a Stallion now so I can start, there is none to buy with your FC now

can anyone give me stallion,pegasus or unicorn trick?
my account at Facebook is sehaj bindra

Just curious since this post the Nightmare stallion has become available and I've attempted this technique with it but all i get is farmhands, arborists, and grateful stallion coins so is it the stallion?

being doing for a while but one of my neighbours horses not maturing at all on home farm just staying at 0% any info appreciated thnx 8)

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