How To: FarmVille Stuffing and Breeding Guide

FarmVille Stuffing and Breeding Guide

Stuffing is a time and click intensive chore which, when done correctly, can bring you AND your neighbors great rewards!


As of November, FarmVille Breeding has changed! There is now much less clicking to do!

1. have a Full building

2. remove 1 animal

3. put in 1 ready animal

4. harvest.

5. share and repeat!

Go experiment with it and enjoy :) 

**See below for tips, charts, and ideas regarding individual buildings**

FarmVille Stuffing and Breeding Guide

 Breeding to Share, Stuffing for Coins, and Tips for each Building

FarmVille Stuffing and Breeding Guide

Chicken Coop – See the Mystery Egg Chart for best chickens to keep in your coop. Stuffing will allow you to get a mystery egg if your previous harvest came up with only a coin bonus. Continuing stuffing after getting an egg within the last 24 hours will provide you with harvest coins and feeding bonus, but no more eggs to share (exception: sometimes there is a glitch that allows you to find multiple eggs per day to share).

FarmVille Stuffing and Breeding Guide

Horse Stable – See the Stable Stuffing Guide for a video and step by step instructions. If you have a permanent stallion, you can stuff the stable to find and share multiple foals and consumables per day. If you don't have a stallion, you will need to find a wandering one the feed between stuffs if you want a chance at a foal. 

Remember that Horses on your farm take 2-3 days to become fully ready, but in the Stable can be harvested daily. Use this knowledge to realize that putting in a horse at 34% will generally make the Stable ready and allow for stuffing/ breeding. 

Note: The 'stallion is grateful for your kindness' bonus only counts once every 24 hours, additional bonuses will be removed when you reload the game.

FarmVille Stuffing and Breeding Guide

Nursery Barn – See Nursery Breeding Chart to choose which babies will grow up into your desired adult. You can use the nursery to provide more babies for your friends, and use the adults as 'Seeders' for stuffing the Stable and Dairy. Adult animals bred in the nursery sell for 400 coins (except chocolate cow). The nursery is the only building that will not give you a popup after each harvest. Wait a bit to see if you get anything, then re-stuff and try again. 

Note: The baby animal will RARELY grow into the mother of the same breed. Be sure you check the Nursery Breeding Chart before you put rare animals in there as they might grow up and be lost forever!

FarmVille Stuffing and Breeding Guide

Dairy Farm – See Cow Chart for best seeders and breeders. See Dairy Stuffing Guide for more information! Once you get to level 75, focus on stuffing with the Belted Cow; it is the best way to make money in the game! Start by using bulls and high harvest cows as seeders until you have enough to start using Belted Cows as seeders and filling your dairy completely. You will level up very quickly if you keep buying Belted Cows and stuffing with them. 

You must have a Bull in your Dairy if you wish to find a calf to share. Dairy Farms will be ready to harvest after 23 hours, but you must wait at least 24 hours between calves if you wish to find another one!!!

You can buy 5 dairies with coins and as many as you want additionally with farm cash. Try keeping 3 barns full and switching groups of cows between them as many times as you can. 

FarmVille Stuffing and Breeding Guide

Pig Pen – See Truffle Hunting Guide for a chart showing what each truffle can be traded in for. If you are level 55+ you can buy the Saddleback Pig which harvests for 1,000 coins/ day in the pen and is great for stuffing. Plus having pigs that find Black Truffles gives you the highest probability of winning the Strawberry Pig. This pig sells for 15,000 coins (other pigs sell for 100 coins max) and is the highest selling item you can get so easily!


  • Animals at 1 day's growth are ready. 1 day animals =100%, 2 day = 50%, 3 days= 34%
  • You can use as few or as many animals as you want when stuffing for breeding purposes. I have had great success breeding foals and eggs with 4-7 animals in the building per harvest.
  • You should use as many high coin harvesting animals when you stuff the dairy and pig pen for coins.   
  • Keep these stuffing tips in mind whenever a new animal is released that fits into an interactive building! Your friends will worship you for always being able to share new foals, calves, pigs, eggs, etc. with them!
  • You can expand most of these buildings or may be able to in the future. 
  • Don't do this too much, it's really bad for your wrist :(

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The following trick doesn't seem to be working for pigpens or chicken coop: (Am I doing something wrong?)

1. have a Full building
2. remove 1 animal
3. put in 1 ready animal

Tina K, I noticed the same thing about the pig pens... Can anyone verify this?

You both are correct, it's currently not working for coops and pens.

Katie, Could u tell me if it's ok to put 4 horses in the stable? I'm trying to make 100xp, etc, except foals. I don't have change for make foals. Because I don't have permanent stallion.

what do u mean remove 1 animal and put 1 ready animal? sorry, I'm confused.

how do you do stuffing with the nursery?

Hello Katie, I have done most of the other stuff in ole FV. I am following your guides on the Belted cow. I bought 3 belted cows and five barns, and have 5 bulls and 5 cows. My question Katie, 1) does the "stuffing" still work? I know you went into great detail but maybe I'm missing something. The dairies are ready, the belted cows are ready, when I place the cows from outside to the dairy it resets itself to 0% and I lose the ability to harvest. Any help help appreciated....

I have to be honest, I haven't dairy stuffed in like a month since I got a full time job. I can hardly remember to come back and tend things daily I've been so busy! I'm sorry if the above is no longer working. For more info I suggest you look at the official forums. Just be careful how you word this 'stuffing' thing as it can be seen as an exploit and I dont want you to get banned for mentioning it ;)

Wording on this stuffing thing. Me personally I do not think this is a game glitch at all, but may be intentional. If anyone has here been around A dairy farm, you know you do not keep your cow in a dairy, rather run them through a dairy when they are ready to milk... Makes since too me

I can only re-harvest my horse stable now. I used to be able to re-harvest the dairy and nursery too. Do you know why only one of the three works now? Is there any way to get it back like it was? Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

For Marilyn, this is how its been working form me but its really time consuming now.


Place a ready foal(s) in the nursery, then a seed foal, harvest.
Remove all foals, place a ready foal(s) in the nursery, then a seed foal, harvest.

Do this over and over and over.......I have actually had better luck doing one ready foal and one seed foal each time. YEP one at a time 1 ready foal, 1 seed foal, harvest..I usually get about 6-8 horses a night. The dairy barns are a no go......

What is a seed foal?

I re-harvest (stuff) my dairies and my stable daily.
The nursery I don't bother with since everything changed a month (or so) ago.
The process has changed from what Katie has listed above for the stable and dairy stuffing. Before the process relied on the building being ready (pink dot).
1. Now start with a minimal number of animals in the building.
2. When the animals are ready outside the building drag one into the building and the building becomes ready.
3. Harvest.
4. Repeat step 2 & 3 for as many spare (seeder) animals as you have outside of the building.
Personally for the stable I keep only the horse I want to breed inside and then add a ready stallion to it and harvest. Ready horses means a horse over 34%. Keep the stallion inside and move in another 34%+ horse and harvest. Play with the combinations to see what you breed. Sometimes you will not breed a foal but will get money, xp or farmhand/arborist.
For the dairy I do not harvest to breed but to make money with the belted cows so I do not have a bull in my cowsheds. I keep 34 cows inside and as many as possible ready outside. Move them one at a time into the dairy (use the move tool - looks like a hand - above the ribbons with the recycle and pointer multi-tool). Harvest. Repeat until dairy full. Remove cows until only 34 remain and then begin again.
Hope this helps.

A seed foal is a foal that is ready to harvest that can be moved into the nursery to make the nursery harvestable. Usually a plain brown or grey foal but it could be any type - the catalyst to making the building harvestable.

Thanks for this magnificent Guide

I am going to try to start this, confused about the stallions, I have a Cream Draft Horse, White Shire horse and a Royal Steed, will these work or do I have to get a wandering stallion? Thanks so much

No those will not work for breeding Susie.. It has to be a stallion (Gold, Snow, White, Black Stallion) or wandering stallion..

Is breeding available for both the Main Farm and the English country side farm? Because some of my friends say it's only available for the English country side farm.

OK just confirmed this; breeding is available on both farms!

hi I was wondering about the chicken coop..I know the old way of sharing the chicken eggs are over...can someone please figure out away to be able to share and harvest them again? thanks

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