How To: Remove Gamers Unite from your Facebook Account

Remove Gamers Unite from your Facebook Account

 I recommend you take a look into this issue and suggest that your friends delete their association with Gamers Unite and any other cheat providing site. This post is meant only as my advice for how to remove Gamers Unite or any other spammy app. This is all based on my personal feelings about the snag bar and websites that would hand out such cheats. I've provided this as INFORMATION ONLY. Please decide on your own what you think of the whole situation. 

I know its complicated, everyone has opinions on the issue, and no one likes to be called a cheater, so be nice :) And again, this is just advice for people who want to remove it because they feel the site is providing a ban worthy cheat or is undesirable to be associated with.


  • I DID NOT CREATE ANY LIST OF GAMERS UNITE USERS! Some confused soul is spreading dirty rumors about me because of this post. I've written this article to HELP people remove the application if they wish to. The link below is provided by facebook's automatic ability to show you which of your friends have 'liked' certain pages or 'added' certain applications. Facebook gives you this information for ALL pages. I had nothing to do with it and am only sharing the link by popular demand. 

To find out if you've been signed up for it without you knowing, ask your friends to check this page for your name. Click this link to see which of your friends have gotten themselves signed up with Gamers Unite. Now, remember to be nice to them, 3/4ths of my friends on there didn't know anything about it! Just show them this article post and ask them to remove it.

Here you can read more about Gamers Unite , find their page and "unlike" it if you "liked" it (you can get to this page without becoming a member).

Be aware that there are other Cheats and Scripts out there that are completely undetectable to the average Facebook user. It's only a matter of time before the game makers come down more harshly on those who have created or downloaded and used these cheat programs. Just make sure you know your friends and everyone has a mutual understanding of what is considered cheating and will not be tolerated!

Step 1 Remove it from your Facebook account

Here's the link to edit your facebook apps:

Here's the link to edit your facebook pages:

Make sure you check both to find any unwanted apps and pages and remove those!

If you need more help, read this article and follow the steps to remove the page and app from your facebook account.  

Step 2 Delete Snag Bar

Now, if you actually downloaded the snag bar you have to remove it manually through your browser: 

Internet Explorer Users:
1. Click the Windows Start menu button.
2. Select Control Panel.
3. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
4. Select Gamers Unite! Toolbar.
5. Click the Remove button.

Firefox Users:
1. Click the Firefox Tools menu.
2. Select Add-ons.
3. Select Gamers Unite! Toolbar.
4. Click the Uninstall button.

You may have to restart your computer and/or clear your cache for the changes to take effect.

If you haven't downloaded anything and you're still listed, contact them. Here is their email:

BE PERSISTENT! Stay safe everyone!!

I know its complicated, everyone has opinions on the issue, and no one likes to be called a cheater, so be nice :) And again, this is just advice for people who want to remove it because they feel the site is providing a ban worthy cheat or is undesirable to be associated with.

Another person's fb note about cheat sites.

  • I did not write this note, but I appreciate the effort this Shawn has taken to inform people of the cheating apps and which ones are risky and will not be tolerated. Read it and make your own decisions!

Snagging posts using a bot, bar, or cheat program is against Zynga rules!

Zynga has responded to people's emails on this issue. Here is one.  In summary:

Thanks for contacting Zynga. My name is Alexandra with Zynga Customer Support, and I am here to help you today!  

I apologize for the confusion that this has caused you.

In our terms of service we do state in there that we do not allow people that cheat. Gamer Unite snagbar is a cheat site and if you know anyone using this please report them. I will let my supervisor know about your suggestions about creating a fan page or a podcast. Kind regards, Alexandra D. Zynga Customer Support"

To read the full message and question click here.

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The Gamers Unite fan site is in violation of Zynga's terms of service also. Because they offer links to obtain gifts not currently in a members gifting page. Using a link to get something not currently in your gift box would be considered altering the game and altering the game in any form or matter is considered a violation of their terms of service. Therefore they have the right to block any fan of the Gamers Unite site. They started charging farm bucks for the Tuscan gifts not currently being offered in your gift box because according to the way the game was meant to be played you are not supposed to be able to get any type of gift unless it is currently being offered in your gift box. And i foresee them doing this for everything in the future. By doing that it would make all sites offering any type of cheat utterly useless and no one would join.
Talking about a law suit is so ridiculous. You would be laughed out of the court room. It is clearly stated in the terms of use for any game that it is the sole discretion of any developer to determine what they consider cheating and that they can ban you at any time for doing anything they consider cheating. By signing up to play the game you agree to the terms of service. That is why the mere mention of a law suit is so terribly funny. LOL

your all just mad because you didn't get the gift/bonus first.
The game-bar is not a cheat as it does not connect with zynga servers/ it does not alter code/ it does not exploit code. the ONLY thing it does is click links for you like Auto collect game bonuses. which IS a legit app approved by zynga.
Also your "letter from zynga looks fake"
learn to read code and learn2play

How often is the application users list updated. I have people that have taken themselves off of Gamers Unite and still continue to show up on the list. Any help on this subject?

I'm not sure, that depends on the memcache at facebook and possibly gamer's unite. It can be instant, or take several hours, or even a few days. It's frustrating and confusing for a lot of people who see they are associated with something they don't want to be and can't get rid of it :(

Thank you for your information. I appreciate it.

This argument has been going on for over 2 months, and Zynga has done nothing to address it. The snag bar does not interfere with Zynga servers in any way, it simply aggregates your Facebook wall posts, much in the same way that Zynga's own toolbars do. It does not impact Zynga in any way. The only possible change they MAY make is to start limiting the number of bonus items you can claim in one day, much like the limits they have in place for Frontierville. Personally, I don't use any snag bars myself, and I also consider it cheating. But I also remember that Farmville is a game, meant simply to provide amusement and recreation. Nothing more. It seems to me that people on both sides of the issue are making way to big a deal out of it.

I agree, thank you for your comment Steve! I wish the issue would just go away. I dread seeing a notification for a comment on this post when I wake up in the morning haha.

I agree with you Steve! Let this issue die already people! The witch-hunters get soooo worked up over this. Unfortunately, as Zynga makes changes to Farmville in order to assuage the hysterical, they make the game more unbearable to play. It used to be you could go through your newsfeed and try claiming posts. Now, everytime you claim a post it tries to dump you into your farm. The process of loading your farm is THE MOST MISERABLE part of playing the game, so they make sure you have to do it everytime in order for them to deter the autobots. So when you click to claim you have to close the tab to stop your farm from loading. Every time. Does that stop the autobots? No. Does it now make our lives more miserable? Yes.

I have followed all the steps to remove the gamers unite and the snagbar, and it is still showing my name on the list. I tried to deleting awhile ago when i realized what it was and that it took all the fun out of farmville for me. Does this mean because I was stupid enough to download something before i realized what it was and only used it for a day or so, that i am getting banned for zynga games. can you not tell that i dont use it anymore.

I'm glad you deleted it, I'm sure the servers will all catch up soon and recognize you're not a member.

If you block the application it will remove you immediately.

It takes like 24 hours for you name to disappear ..

well it better i am addicted to farmville lol thanks

One correction to John. From what I have seen the Gamers Unite! page allows you to SEND SOME gifts that you would not normally be able to send. Not OBTAIN them. This is the same as using the URLs that have been going around so you can send friends building objects that you do not have in your giftbox to send like nails, boards, whatever.

It appears that Zynga is finding a way around that little glitch by not using the URL to send the gifts.

As for charging for those things... that won't last long. Not many people will be willing to pay for truffles in order to get the lame rewards Zynga is giving out and will probably stop playing the game altogether.

Gamers Unite! [hereafter GU!] uses the SAME mechanism as Zynga's FV feed. GU! used to have items on its GIFT page that the FV gift page didn't because of a FV software code glitch. Zynga closed that hole months ago, so the FV and GU! feeds are essentially the SAME, except FV's hardly ever works! The original Terms of Service prohibited the Snag mechanism, but Zynga obliterated that by instituting its own snag feed. SO GU! and FV feeds are essential the SAME. SOOO, WHAT is the big cheat here?

Thank you Robin for explaining this. I wondered what was going on. Several months ago people were able to send gift items they did not have in their list (mainly building materials) by using URLs that were being shared throughout the Farmville world. No longer :-( ... So that explains it. So GU was only using a glitch that people were already using on their own. How HORRIBLE!

I had someone delete me from their friends list because they said my name was on the list as using Gamers Unite. To my knowledge I have never used anything of theirs. The only bar I am using is the one from FarmVille. I checked my Facebook apps and Facebook pages as you suggested and there was nothing showing as Gamers Unite. I don't know if I am the list or not. I certainly don't want to be deprived from playing my Zynga games. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


My post said :
What is the difference between this site and gamers unite
this site gives you the inks as well
teaches you how to barn stuff
gamers unite is as simple as the name makes it sound
it has a chat option just like facebook so that you can chat with other gamers and get help now when you need it and not post something when you need it
you can get add me friends there and post your pick and others will add you
i found several "cheats" on this site don't believe me seach around a bit

Do the speed Farm win, treasure win and frontier bonus apps also count as cheater apps?

no, i think those just show you the posts like the feed but in a condensed format. gamers unite snag bar actually accepts everything for you without you ever looking at any of it

I want to know how some of your more zealous members decide that merely being signed up at GU means that you're a cheat and that you use this bar thing... and then go plastering people's names and profiles in status updates and accusing them of being cheaters because they found your FB profile posted here.

I went to GU... and several OTHER sites... for the sole purpose of joining "add me" lists for Mafia Wars. I seldom play Farmville anymore except solely to answer gift requests from my neighbors and wouldn't know this snag bar doohickey if it bounced up and bit me on the butt.

But thanks to being on your little list of FB "deviants", list I'm suddenly being deleted by Mafia Wars friends because you have some burr in your blanket about an alleged FARMVILLE cheat? I want to know where the hell you get off posting my FB profile publicly for the world to see anyway but that's one the lawyers can take up with you and with Facebook.

Tom, I ABSOLUTELY did NO such thing and your accusations are unfounded and extremely out of place! YOU need to read my post carefully and learn how Facebook works. The link that shows people your name was NOT a list created by me. This is automatically generated when you 'like' a page or 'add and application'.
I don't know where YOU are getting your information but you need to take back your threats and deal with your accusing friends on your own!
I merely posted this information to HELP people figure out how to become unassociated with the page because people were bullying them. The ONLY information I have contributed to this issue is exactly what you see contained in this article.

I know why you are being hated on is every single GU witch hunt list post i see anymore links here people on the list see you as the starter and blame you. you can seat there and say its not me i only do it for info for others but people see it as you are the main reason and that is that. i don't know what you can do to stop it but in the meantime you are the one being blamed.

How do I find out who is using auto snatch for my post wall everytime i post or something gets posted its gone instantly and I click it the moment it comes on making it nearly impossibel to get anything accomplished on farmville can someone please help...

There is no way to find out as the list doesnt mean that they actually downloaded and installed the so called"snagbar".
If so many things are gone so instantly you might wanna have a look at yr friends list,!
I bet you have over a hundred of FV friends,so LOL no wonder it gets taken so fast!

Oh or if you click on a post ans its already gone so fast,go to the facebook page of the user who posted,bet they have a huge group of friends listed!

An easy way to get on the Gamers Unite list is accepting a gift request from a friend and allowing the Gamers Unite application.

"THE LIST" only shows people who allowed the application on facebook, not necessarily that they use it.

First, I learned something tonight... it is about another game and posting bonuses for your friends, but it probably applies to all games... you need to go into your settings and make sure your posts are for your friends only and not public... then they won't be gone so fast...

It's painfully obvious that the Zynga rep you quote in your original post is an idiot, poor trained, or both.

"In our terms of service we do state in there that we do not allow people that cheat. Gamer Unite snagbar is a cheat site"

Wait, hang on. A Snag Bar is an application. Gamers Unite is a forum. A "snagbar" cannot be a cheat site because it is not a freaking web site. Nor can Zynga discriminate against anyone on the basis they have signed up to use the GU forum. Couple these two with the fact there is no list of Snag Bar users ANYWHERE, and you're off to a pretty poor start there aren't you Alexandra?

"and if you know anyone using this please report them."

Oh I LOL'ed. I really did. Yes, people need to report others just for appearing on the GU forum member list. Right? Because they are obviously a cheat, right? Err .. no.

"Jennifer" was slightly better trained, though again somewhat presumptuous in her statement that the majority of GU members use cheats. Where are the facts and figures to back this up?

Nick Greig: I understand that Gamers Unite is a forum, and they have a Snag Bar for Farmville (which I don't play). I do however belong to the forum. Is Zynga going to ban people for belonging to Gamrs Unite
Nick Greig: Gamers Unite*?
Jennifer Y.: Due to privacy considerations I am unable to release information on that. I'm really sorry.
Jennifer Y.: But to belong to a certain site or forum wont get you in trouble, ya know?
Nick Greig: Exactly. That is all I need to know. I don't suppose you can tell me then why other Live Support reps are saying things like "Gamers Unite is a cheat" when all it is a forum?
Nick Greig: There is a lot of tension in the MW community on FB at the moment because of this.
Jennifer Y.: Gamer's Unite isn't a cheat, just the majority of players happen to belong there and use cheats. If you play fair, then have no worries!
Nick Greig: One of your reps, a "David M" considers GU to be a third party program. But is is just a forum!

Nick, you make it out like, even to the rep, that Gamers Unite is nothing but a forum period..nothing more or nothing less. GU however is where one gets the snagbar, which is a cheat application. So it is not just a forum. No one would have anything against a forum where people can interact, that is not cheating in any way. But downloading a tool that is offered that snags things up is a feature there..changes the situation a bit dont you think? Just being real, as we should be in speaking about it, be it for or against.

The thing is it offers it yes but you do not have to download it to be a member of there forum plus there is a never a guarantee you will get items with the snag bar. i see people blame GU and snag bar and if they go look the person there trying to get stuff from has over 300 people that play farmville. it is a sure bet there stuff goes in seconds and snag bar has nothing to do with it. for the record i dont use snag bar i have chrome and it is not on chrome.

Ahh ffs, great.. an invisible character limit. What a waste of time. Please delete my posts, can't be arsed with this anyway.

And the list of Gamersunite users is just a list of people that signed up for the Gamerunite website.
This mean by no means that they are cheating,because the "Snagbar" is an application that needs to be downloaded sepereatly and installed.
So to report people on the list is just stupid because you can never tell if they are actually cheating..i believe in the law," Innocent untill proven guilty!"

How do i remove snag bar from Google Chrome? It's not listed on here.

To my knowledge there is no snag bar for chrome. Not a current version anyway.

To remove Snagbar go to add remove programs or in vista/win7 Programs and features and remove "Gamers Unite! Snag Bar" You WILL need to remove the add on from firefox manually if installed.

The GU debate is one that is definitely heated. The issue is why get so heated. The Farmville Snagbar is a community of people who use the snag bar. If you don't use, want to use, or refuse to associate with someone who uses snag bar, then just remove them as friends. See, simple.

On the other hand, if you use snag bar, then you want to use the GU Farmville "Add Me" feature to get more friends.

If a REAL LIFE friend removes you for using GU, they have bigger issues than GU. A game FB friend who decides to give you the boot has every right. I have deleted game friends for less.

Katie, you got a good post here. My only comment is don't defend it. It stands on it's own. To use or not to use GU is a choice and an informed person is always a good thing.

William I must say I love your post. You hit the nail on the head. By the way I need one for my barn. If I delete a real friend there is problem. If I delete a FV "friend" for using this it is just a personal choice on my part they were never a real friend in the beginning. I am sure they will find someone else to play with. If they use this bar do they let their "new" friend know that they do? Are they giving them a choice or are they keeping the choice just for themselves? I believe in fair play. It may take me a month to raise my barn, but I did it myself and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I did it on my own. That is just my personal choice. Thanks for keeping it real William. That is the way I like it.

Can we get this info in other languages, like Spanish and Italian?

Also, can anyone tell me if there is a way to block Gamers Unite application if you are not and have never been a member of the site. Something that will block the application itself from taking the things you post?

You cant block the program as it runs on their computer, not facebook itself. Instead, consider either removing the friends using it or blocking posts from everyone except people you really trust. The application has been shut down but the people associated with the site continue to show up on the link.
You can translate this using

I use to get bent out of shape about this application. Now I can care less. If your biggest issue is somebody took the last Stable Consumable with a snag bar then you need to lighten up. Also just so everybody knows a snag bar is a installed item on your personal computer if you did not give Facebook or Zynga access to your computer hard drive and they have proof you use this tool bar. They have then hacked into your hard drive illegally which violates US code (18 U.S.C. § 1030. Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Computers.) Another thing to consider as well you don't have to use a toolbar to appear on the Evil List just so you know. That's my 2 cents.

Are people considered cheating when they change links into a rare item? Right now some are changing regular calves into robot calves, I dxon't know how but they are.

YES! Lizzy, this is absolutely considered cheating and you should refrain from doing it and tell your neighbors who do to stop because there are ways of tracking codes and you don't want them to get in trouble.

We have four farms which we use to build up our co op farming as so many neighbours let us down in the beginning by joining our co ops planting a few crops but either not harvesting in time so we missed Gold or just joining for the XP but planting out nothing. We have never downloaded Gamers Unite or Zyngas own snag bar as we consider both to be an unfair disadvantage over our decent neighbours. Now I discover no less than 31 of my neighbours have downloaded GU and have contacted them all, one was extremely rude and another same as the first refused to delete it.

I have now given all our neighbours two days notice to remove it or they will be deleted. there are enough honourable players out there to add so dont need 31 cheats as neighbours.

Just to clear things up for you.
those 31 neighbours dont have to be cheating, they did not download GU, GU is just the website.
Many people use the website to get new neighbours or to exchange gifts or just stay up to date with the newest missions.
To cheat they must manually download the "Snagbar".
And there is no way to tell if anyone uses it.

where do I find these lists??? I was deleted for using it by dear f/b friend when I have never used it. Lucky she told me why she blocked me :)

Same thing just happened to me. I can't figure out how to get dis-assciated with GU either. Nothing in FB apps to remove because I've never been to the site. Don't want to go there if I can avoid it. Please let me know if you figured it out!

OK. I read these few posts and just want to make some comments. I HAVE used the Snag Bar as a test to see what it does. Those that say "Liking" the Gamers Unite site doesn't necessarily mean they are using the Snag Bar are only partially correct. In my testing of Snag Bar a few months ago, I noticed that when I wanted to use ANY of the grab features, it brought up the prompt to ALLOW the Gamers Unite FB application. So. You can install the Snag Bar, disassociate with the GU FB page, and use the other features. As soon as you went to build and grab from your neighbors it would bring up the prompt to ALLOW the GU FB app.

The Snag Bar is a browser toolbar and cannot be detected unless access is granted to the remote system. The Gamers Unite website is just a forum like the Zynga forum, Farmville Freak, etc. but they lean more towards taking advantage of bugs, exploits, etc. When you visit their web page, the FIRST thing that greets you is a HUGE download page for the Snag Bar. I can see where visitors will read that page and download the Snag Bar. They don't mention anything about it being against Zyngas ToS or any negative impact running might have.

The only problem I have with the Snag Bar is the automatic grab feature. This can be turned off or on with a radio button but I'm sure most folks using it on use the auto feature. The manual mode works just like any other app out there that just gathers and organizes the feed posts.

I usually contact my neighbors privately and inform them that they show up and ask them to check their FB applications, but that usually leads to hostility, so I now just delete without asking. If they show up on the applications list, then I head to their farm and look to see what they have on it. If they have 10 of each exotic foal, calf, etc. without having a lot of neighbors or a high level, then they get deleted -- no questions.

Can anyone tell me if blocking a bot either means that the offending bots feeds don't show up and you can't accidentally download it OR does it mean that if you have a friend using the bot then it won't work on your bonuses. Seems to me if it's the second case then you don't need to be as worried about the people on the list.

When you block this, you're blocking the Facebook application that provides the link to download the bot. You are neither blocking the bot's newsfeed items (I don't believe the application or the bot produces newsfeeds of it own but I could be wrong here) nor are you blocking your friend's ability to use the bot on your bonuses.

Sorry if this is a repeated post, but I didn't see my first post appear.

I guess there's one BIG! question that no-one has answered, JohnWEvans says "Those that say "Liking" the Gamers Unite site doesn't necessarily mean they are using the Snag Bar are only partially correct", is false,,, The ONLY reason one would click "Like" is because they tried and "LIKED" it, which DOES mean they're using it. So the statement that was made is entirely FALSE.

It is true that there are other GU bar users that don't even bother with "Liking" it, but the list on GU ssite, IS a list (be it slow on updating) of GU bar users, that "LIKE" using it.

Actually, no. My husband wanted to trade his legally obtained Zynga 7-11 code for a mafia wars gun for a comparable 7-11 farmville item. So he "liked" gamers unite so he could make the trade there, with a gamers unite person offering a Queen Bee in trade. Then he forgot all about it. He has never used the GU snagbar. I removed it for him months later when one of our FV friends kicked him for being in the list. Not fair but he lived.

If Zynga says using outside applications like Gamers Unite snag bar is cheating, than using a snag bar is CHEATING! Zynga made Farmville, they created it, they OWN it! In my opinion using a snag bar that is not through Zynga is cheating & nothing more than greediness & laziness.

OK, I've seen this a couple of times, but see no responses that actually answer the question. This fits me as well and I find it very annoying as I lost a neighbor because of some bad information they received about me. HOW do I Unlike something that I have never Liked to begin with? I have NEVER used GU for ANYTHING. I don't and never have used the snagbar or visited the forums or anything else on their website just so I wouldn't have something like this happen to me. Yet for some reason my name and the name of an account I created and seldom ever use show up on "The List" as a GU User. How does this happen and how on earth can I fix it? GU is not and never has been in my FB Apps list or Likes list or anything else concerning my FB account. So how on Gods green earth did my name get on that List and How can I get it OFF so this doesn't happen again? Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction to accomplish this?

I got a nasty message from a FV neighbor for being a member of GU. It's one of many sites I utilize for information regarding the game. I dont use the snagbar nor do I care to. I prefer to go through the newsfeed myself and click manually. I will be damned if someone is going to tell me what sites I can and can't access for information about the game when I know for a fact there are private groups on FB for FV which tell people how to alter the codes in the game to get items that most of us pay FC for. I have been playing this game for close to 2 years and worked hard to get to the level I am at and to get the items I have. Personally I am tired of explaining myself and my choices of sites I choose to visit to read about the latest things in FV or ask questions on a forum. I have lost count of how many times I have gone to the "official" Zynga forums with questions and get no response but go to GU or another site and boom almost immediately I have the answers I am looking for. People need to get off their high horse and stop accusing others of something they aren't doing. Most people are honest and decent when it comes to these games. Just because a handful choose to use this snagbar it isnt fair to be nasty and take it out others who use the site for other reasons. I say grow up and quit crying, it is just a game and alot of invest alot more than just time, we put money into the game etc why on earth would anyone who puts money into the game jeopardize that for a cheat and why would others who make assumptions about a site and point fingers without knowing the whole story. Just my two cents

The link you have supplied above to see if your facebook friends have allowed the Gamers Unite app, no longer works. Can you supply us with a new link or another way to tell which of our friends is allowing this app? Thank you.

Is there an update for the link to see who of my neighbors signed up for Gamers Unite? The link above did´nt work for me. Thanks

ok i have read everything and even done the link you provided to show who is using the snagbar it takes me right back to my home page and shows all my neighbors but not one who is using it. again like everyone else who has asked this question how can you find out who is using it so you can delete them as your neighbor I am sick and tired of clicking on something thats not even a second and its gone or my screen becomes sluggish so i am not able to even click back to my home page and when i am able theres like 4 other items that are gone. so again how do you find these people and get rid of them? thank you

Thank you so much for your help and advice. You save me, that damned bar didn´t wanna come off my facebook!!!!!!!

WOW If someone using the snag bar is that much of a big deal to you, then I agree with Richard and you have waaay bigger problems than Farmville cheats. I personally enjoy the snag bar. I don't see anything wrong with it. I have gotten literally hundreds of great items off of it, including many rare animals. It has worked so well for me in fact, that I have run out of room to put stuff on my farm, lol. Lighten up. You are asking for all of the negative attention with this ridiculous rant you are on.

Linda and other GU snag bar users - The problem I have with the Gamers Unite "snag bar", is that it "automatically" takes the posted item and puts them in your gift box. I have heard that people collect items they don't even need off the news feeds, and then just delete them when they get too many or something they don't want. This is not fair to the "neighbors" that are watching the news feeds and when they click on a post seconds after the items posts and get the message that it is gone. Most likely that is because of the Gamers Unite users "snagging" the posted items. I have no problem with people who use the "Bonus Collectors", because those applications do not automate the process, they just organize the all the game posts onto one page just like facebook does now, and then you still have to click on the posted item to get it into your gift box. The Gamers Unite snag bar gives an "unfair" advantage to the users. I do sympathize with anyone that does not have the time to watch the News Feeds on facebook for the items that are posted... but that is just part of the Game. I think all the Gamers Unite users, should only have other GU users as neighbors. That way you can all fight for the posted items with each other.

pure io sono d'accordo con zynga il problema sono troppi giochi che mettete riducete i giochi riducete i giochi che non servono

if you don't like the bar, don't use it. You don't have to use the bar to be a part of Gamer's Unite, however you do have to be a part of Gamer's Unite to use the bar, as if you don't allow it on facebook, it will not work for you. I personally do not use it... too much garbage unless you configure it to get only what you need. Most people don't bother and they just delete what they don't want and this is unfair to those who DO need it and couldnt collect it because they did it. Using autocollect from facebook is essentially the same thing other than it is not in real time as snag bar is. Regardless, it seems that you are putting way too much energy into this... I think people who use more than one farm to get their stuff done is cheating more than someone using a toolbar to collect bonuses offered to them... but hey, that's my opinion and it's a game... so not worth all this energy to fight about it

simply enough, a snag bar is a snag bar. if you want to delete someone using gu then you should also delete people using the zynga one aswell because they are the same thing. i have had a few people remove me as friend due to me using it for items that will not be missed and they can actually benefit from. why dont i use the zynga one? simple. zynga cant even fix issues in their games in a timely fashion, and i have listened to plenty of people complain about it not working more often than not. the only reason most people dont like gu is due to tree snaggers on fv. there are plenty of people who just do not have the time to click 5000 links a day just to complete a mission that is ridiculous in the first place. so if in the end you feel gu is a cheat, delete those who use it without getting your panties in a bunch, and delete the zynga snag bar users as well. no one wants to be called a cheat because they dont feel like filling their browser with 100's of links a day, just agree that you disagree and go your separate way. personally i use it to get water and seedling, which in turn i produce more water and seedlings and trees which get put out into the public for all to receive. if thats so wrong then so be it. less trees and water for you and more for people who dont really care as long as they get what they want. if you feel it necessary feel free to call me a cheat, just know that i really dont care. waste your time and energy and ill get a good laugh out of people getting worked up so bad over a silly little game that has no real significance.

Thanks for the info, i tried to use this application twice and I even shared one of the forums in my wall. I was deleted by some neighbors due to this fact thinking i am a cheater some didnt delete me but I cant see their post, oh well... i am so retarded to know it is a SNAG BAR when i downloaded the app now i have to find a way how to get rid of it. I never thought of it i just didn't use it the third time around because i cant like the post. I just can't understand why people call those players who collect bonuses automatically a cheater, i guess it is more of game ethics.. but then i believe some people just used it because it is less time consuming . I still prefer the applications that lets me like the posts, i only have few neighbors whose posts are showing now in my newsfeed but well, it is just a game and i dont need the negative energy by minding those people who have hidden their posts from me..... otherwise it will never be a game..

Tom, I ABSOLUTELY did NO such thing and your accusations are unfounded and extremely out of place! YOU need to read my post carefully and learn how Facebook works. The link that shows people your name was NOT a list created by me. This is automatically generated when you 'like' a page or 'add and application'.
I don't know where YOU are getting your information but you need to take back your threats and deal with your accusing friends on your own!
I merely posted this information to HELP people figure out how to become unassociated with the page because people were bullying them. The ONLY information I have contributed to this issue is exactly what you see contained in this article.


wish i could help....but i am having the same problem and have never clicked LIKE, Linked or downloaded the snag bar...

I am totally against Gamers Unite snag bar...somehow my name is now on their list of Gamer Uniters..GU's tech support says the only way your name will be there is if you click the LIKE or LINK your account or install the snag bar...I have done none of that and am always one of the first to complain, delete and block names I find listed there...somehow Gamers Unite has added my name without me doing a damn thing and now I can not get it removed...Zynga tech support is working on a the mean time..I am filing a Police report because my privacy has been violated by GU...

i have been looking for the link to show me friends on gamers unite so that i can remove them. i appreciate you posting one, but the one you have posted is no longer working. do you or anyone on here know of another link or way to find out. ty

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