News: FarmVille Cow Chart

FarmVille Cow Chart

Cows are great to have around! Some cows are better than others. 

Check out the chart (click to enlarge) to help you decide which cows you'd like to keep more of on your farm. 

Adoptable cows are free but don't always give you great rewards. If you're playing without farm cash and are under level 75, you might want to try to get the Chocolate Cow out of your nursery as it will give you the best harvest value until you can get the Belted Cow. 

FarmVille Cow Chart

To show your appreciation for the Belted Cow and get more ideas for ways to profit with her help, join the FarmVille Belted Cows page on Facebook!

FarmVille Cow Chart

I'm including the nursery chart so you can see which calves are needed to make the Chocolate cow. Keep in mind that if you make a Holstein, you can sell it for more, but it's not as valuable in the long run. 

Be sure you check out the Nursery Breeding Guide for more information!

FarmVille Cow Chart

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