Forum Thread: How to Get a Queen Bee

I have a Farmville neighbor who has been looking for a Queen bee since the bee program started.  She can't find one and doesn't have enough FV dollars to buy one.  Is there any way I can buy one and send it to her?

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3 Responses

I just completed my beehive and much to my dismay I need a Queenbee and have no FV$.  The text said I increase the odds of getting a free one by fertilizing neighbors crops and planting flowers as a crop.

I have another neighbor who has an extra Queen bee in his gift box.  Is there any way to get this Queen to the neighbor with none?

My husband and my daughter have the same problem. the beheevies are done but cant find a queen bee anywhere and i must say for 10 FV dollars the price is totally out of space. Anybody got one or know how to get one? after all this is a just a virtual game and i don't see any sense in spending real money for this. 

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