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Forum Thread: Neighbour and Friend Issues

When I play FV on my FB account and ask for items - parts for buildings etc - the only people I am able to select are FB friends, my FV neighbours just do not show up and so I am very limited for help. However, when playing FV on another FB account - which was created in my name to allow my youngest son to play - there is always a third 'tab' in the box called "suggested friends" which includes all neighbours, giving a MUCH wider range of people to get help from!

Forum Thread: Problems with special delivery boxes

Hi everybody, already a long time i got problems with the special delivery boxes.I will explain.On my farms i have many items i need to finish with the stuff inside those boxes. Sometimes it goes well and i get the things i need.But for example on my home farm i have a baby play pen what is incomplete. If i open boxes on my home farm the boxes not give me the things i need but give me animalfood instead. Even when i still have 65 food in my giftbox.Same problem with my other farms. On every f...

Forum Thread: Level 1 trees

Hi i was wondering if there is a section that tells you what the level 1 trees produce obviously i know some produce a giant variety of themselves but what about the Kou tree, Ohia tree, ulu tree and sapphire dragon?

Forum Thread: Foals to Horses/ How

I recently started playing Farmville and am building a horses farm My quetion is, what do I have to do in my nursery to prouce a horse? I have put 9 Cream draft foals in and the nursery sparkels but have not had a horse in 8 attempts. What am I doing wrong.

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