Forum Thread: Meet Neighbors and become friends!

Many of you want more neighbors to play with. Well, here's a perfect place to introduce yourself and put your request for neighbors! 

Post your Facebook link by going to your profile and copying the text in the address bar. 

If you have a username it will be

If you dont it will look like this:

Connect with facebook and tell us what your level is. Do you play for the crop mastery, the ribbons, to decorate, or a combination? Please mention if you're looking for friends that can share eggs, foals, and calfs with you. You might also want to say if you have bought a bunch of the special new cows or horses, but be prepared for a flood of invitations for friends! 

Enjoy your new neighbors, I hope people can meet some great friends! Please remember to check your privacy settings and make sure you protect yourself and your 'real life' friends whenever adding strangers. 

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251 Responses

Hi everyone! im in extreme need of neighbors as I can expand my farm size. Im always playing it everyday, i even have it on my iphone.


Im Level 74 :D

I am looking for folks that are just starting to play farmville or can not get many foals cause everyone else grabs them 1st! I still have my old stable & well over 200 different horses! Hope to have you join me down on my farm:)
Southern Smiles,

I'm looking for 2 new friends so I can buy a market stall. I'm at level 43. Can any body please help?

You can add me as I want more friends in order to add more stalls as well.

Hi I would enjoy being neighbors:)

Are you still looking for friends/neighbors for FarmVille? I'm a newbie, too, but I'm pleased that I've reached Level 37. If you would like to add me as a friend, please let me know.

would love to be a friend and neighbor

  i wood be to be your new friend

I need 4 more neighbors to expand my farm.  I'm under Rose Hendricks.  Send me a facebook friend request and we can go from there

To:  Rose Hendricks.....I'm not sure just how to go about this, but I would love to have you as a friend on Farmville, Rose!

Hi Rose, i would love to be your neighbor on fv.

can you add me on farmville please iam level thirty five

I m at 37 can I add u?

need all the neighbors i can get. i am at level 67

will be ur farmville friend...kristensquarepants!!

Mike Knerl

friend & neighbor me!!!!!

DO U PLAY C-VILLE???????????????


NEED NEIGHBORS - Hi  - I am new to farmville and am looking for neighbors! If interested, please send friend request with farmville neighbor in the message.  I'll accept you and send a famville neighbor request.

Hello Vass. I m also in need of farmville neigbours. I would be pleased if u send me a request to my profile as u haven't provided any info. regarding ur profile so it would be easier for u to add me

I would like to be your friend on farmville I send gifts dailey and all the extras My name is christina nice to meet ya friend not sure u have my user name so here it is christinalamb01@yahoo hope to hear fom u soon

friend request

im also new at farmville, but enjoy the game especially i want to expand but need neighbors as well

farmville request

hi there, are you still looking for new neighbours?  l would like to be your neighbour if you still need some thank you


Hi, I play everyday and need new friends/neighbors. wanna play?

I need some farmville friends.  I just started playing and my facebook friends aren't on farmville.  Help!  Send me a friend request andin the subject add farmville thanks.

add me if you like

I need farmville friends.  I need neighbors to enlarge my farm. Help!

i would ikeo be ur farmville riend

thank you i need more neighbors to expand my farm

hi Junita, if you don't mind i would love to be your nieghbor

i also am new on farmville and i need some new neighbors so i can expand my farm

I m also looking for friends so add me ok.

I need some neighbours for farmville im level 23 and some times i find calves and foals on my farm thank you pleaze add me

I am on fb send me a frend request saying that you want to play farmville. I will except and send you a request to play farm ville.

I play daily and return gifts. I would like some fv friends.

hi  level 42 ...  looking for some neighbors..  :)

Add me please, i am looking for farmville neighbor.

Thank you.

Hi Heather, sent you a friend req for FV but it didn't let me add a note. Hope you accept...thx

I left one too Heather, for Farmville please!

I need farmville neighbors.I play everyday and gift often.

Hi! My farm is now level 55 thanks to farmers that replied to this post. Still looking for neighbors, please send friend´s request with "Farmville" in the message and I´ll accept it right away! Happy Farming!

i need nebors frarmville im level 91 i want to expand  6 more nebors need if u interested

my email is

Hi, Isaac, I'm always looking for new neighbors in farmville, looks like we started about the same time

Hi Katie, Thank you for the information. I am at level 29 on Farmville and love to decorate my farm. I am looking for neighbors. I respond to requests for any particular gift that anyone wants, especially for building materials.


Hi i would love to have more neighbors to play farmville with

me too. i play everyday. wanna play? i also play cv.

Hello, my name is Phillip

I play farmville mostly for crop mastery and the special buildings. Right now I'm looking for some new neighbours so I can buy the 26 * 26 land expansion. I am also trying to finish the new beehive building. If your interested send me a friend request with "Farmville neighbour" in the personal message. Alternatively you can send me a mail at I fertilize all my neighbours nearly every day, and would be happy to send gifts if you have any specific requests

H there, are you still looking for new farmville neighbours??   

 if u r lookin friends so u can add me at farm

Hi I'm trying  to expand my farm on farmville,but I need more neighbors.So if anyone would like to help me,I would help you in return.Send me a request to on farmville.THANK YOU

I am also trying add o expand, so looking for more neighbors , also some that share :)  facebook name    Hazel Reese

Hi I am trying to get more land on Farmville. So if you like this game I would like to be your neighbour.  

I would like to be your Farmville neighbor.  However, there are several Sandy Bauers on Facebook.  Which one are you?

I will like to be your neighbour , in order to expand my land.

alslooking for neighbors

need to expand as well

can we be neighbors

Hi Folks, I'm Karen and I have been playing Famville since July of this year. I am at level 61, and have 5 Market stalls. I also have upgraded to a 26X26 farm and have totally gotten into the game! I have 13 Masteries already, and am working on three more at the present time. I am also just getting started in doing some selective breeding of cattle and I would like to expand that nto horses. I would like a few more serious farmville players as neighbors, to join our little group of farmers. We have agreat bunch of people in our community, very dedicated and very friendly! Come and join us.

If you are still in need of friends, I need friends also.  Thanks

Hi Karen,  I would love to be your neighbor in Farmville.  I tried to find you on facebook to send you a friend request but had no luck.  I am listed as Laurie Sue on facebook, my profile pic shows me holding a pup.  I play daily, depending on my work schedule.  Please look me up, send me a friend request, and we can be neighboring farmers.

Would love to be neighbors with someone like you :)

Karen, I am at level 71 and can use more neighbors.  I am also trying to learn the breeding of cattle along with some other breeding.  Could you add me to your farmville? I play everyday. My email is

Just put farmville/howto in subject.

Karen, I am at level 71 and can use more neighbors.  I am also trying to learn the breeding of cattle along with some other breeding.  Could you add me to your farmville? I play everyday. My email is

my mom is frustrated she plays farmville too.but for some reasons we dont know why she cant accept neighbor requests?she wants to add these people but everytime we click  accept neighbor  nothing happens..can someone please help!

I am looking for more Famville Neighbors to help grow my farm.  I am at Level 23 and visit neighbor farms every day.

I think I didn't post my first blurb.  Looking for good neighbors, I visit everyday, and gift as often as FV lets me. I collect animals--I love the odd ones. Looking for all the horses. I send back what you ask for or need. Level 51. I love to decorate..currently, I'm in limbo trying to decide what theme I like the best.  Please add me as a neighbor!.

I'd be glad to have you as a neighbor, but I'm having trouble finding you.  Maybe it would be easier for you to find me.  If you're still looking for neighbors send me a friend request.  I love Farmville too.

Hello Katie and hello friends. I m at level 20 and still playing on 14*14 farm as i have just 8 neighbours. i need more neighbours in order to upgrade my farm and share mutual help while playing farmville. here is a link to my facebook profile:

hiii everyone.want many id is

daily gifts are promised..


need neighbors in farmville, just started the game level 17

hi, i am starting again from scratch in farmville, old friends and neighbours stopped playing, log in every day, gift, help etc  so looking for neighbours who play, send me a request,

hello my name is christina I would be happy to be your friend I really dont know how this works but my user name on facebook is christinalamb01@yahoo hope TO hear from ya soon

I'm looking for some new friends that are active in gifting,breeding,sharing and whatnot. I'm a level 80 and have almost all cows and horses except for a few of the newer ones that just came out. I'm not a breeder/stuffer but my stables and dairys produce calves/foals at least once a day, and I don't have a million friends so my stuff doesn't disappear too quickly. I play mostly for masteries (I currently have 36) and a little decoration and I also love my winery and spa.

I can always use more farmville and frontierville neighbors.  Add me or send me your link and I can add you.  Just tell me which or both games you play.  I love both and spend a lot of time on them both sending and receiving gifts, harvesting animals and crops and making goods.

I am a daily player. Want neighbors who can help me level up my wines by buying from me. I buy crafts to my full limit everyday.

Sounds good, I would be happy to be your neighbor if you don't use a Snag Bar cheat.

I'm looking to add new neighbors. I play and send gifts every day (only if you send me gifts too, of course). I have just reached level 21. Please add me:)

Im am looking for farmville neighbors

LOve to have you farm Pal.

I play everyday and send gifts so you can be my farm pal

Please add me also, I play everyday and send everything!

Level 75, stress relief before and after work.  My wife also plays.


Im am looking for farmville neighbors just send me add for the game thx

I would love to have you a s a neighbor, hopefully you are still looking

can you please add me as a frend on farmville please i really want a rainbow chicken i bought one and i got hacked and it got deleted alon with lloads of my other stuff i would be truely gratefull if you add me or i will ad you many thanks


can you please add me as a neighbour on farmville please who ever plays i will ad thank you very much

jack :)

Love to have you as a framville friend.

I'm and I'm currently level 60  and I play Farmville with my 3 year old.  He LOVES telling me what to plant and so far, we're going for crop mastery.  If I get any FV friend requests, please mention this site (wonderhowto) and I'll ad ya!

If you re still in need of farmville friends, please add me

Add me level 130

pleaseadd me as  a neighbour

Hello all! I'm in need of neighbors, primarily to add to my candy and livestock, as well as to participate in co-op farming. I'm level 23, with 13 neighbors.

I like to achieve goals and ribbons, but I mostly enjoy decorating and buying various special items. I am fortunate enough to work from home, so I am frequently updating and planting fast-grow crops. I never skip on the chance to share a found item or bonus, and always max-out my gifts. I try to fertilize crops instead of harvesting when visiting neighbors farms. I look for these same qualities in a neighbor. I appreciate being sent gifts that are in theme with my decor, or that I have requested previously.

Thank you!

Hi everyone. made two new Neighbors today off this site. I love this site! anyway, if you need more neighbors get at me!!! 

i need some neighbors plssssssssssssss...thank you...

pls add me..thank you

pls add me...thank you

pls add me..thank you

pls add me..thank you

I'm looking for some more Farmville neighbors so that I can expand my farm. I play fairly regularly and frequently send gifts. Feel free to add me, just mention Farmville in the friend request.

Click here to add me!

I need neighbors if I am to stay active in this game!   I respond pretty quickly!  emails at

hello My name is Allessandra . i am from florida. I am at level 40 . I am looking for at least 10 neighbors. I always send gifts everyday. I farm to harvest for my bakery. i love to share and received gifts from friends. Help me and I will help you too. I need neigbhbors ASAP.

i would be happy to be you neighbors

Feel free to addme. If you can write FV in the message so I know, as I often get many non FV requests.. I gift, post items, co op and fert frequently. follow the link:

hi,i'm looking for neighbours to upgrade my farm...thank you in advance..

I need active fair play neighbors.  thanks for considering.!/farmer.arlene

I am at level 59 and am looking for neighbors to help build and expand.

Hi I'm looking for more neighbors.I'm currently on Level 50,Cheers,Rod

Hey.  I'm level 29.  I've started doing co-op farming and mainly do farmville for growing crops and animal/tree harvesting.  I'm not too into the decorations.  Feel free to add me on facebook.  Just make sure to leave a note stating that you're coming from this site :)!/profile.php?id=13912472

???????????????????????? ¦¦¦¦¯¦¦¦¯_¦¦¯_¦¦¦¦¦¯_¯¦¦¦¯¯¦¦¦¦¦ ¦¦¦¦¯¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¯¦¦¦¦¯¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦_¯¦¦_¯¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦__¦¦¦_¦

Hey.  I'm level 29.  I've started doing co-op farming and mainly do farmville for growing crops and animal/tree harvesting.  I'm not too into the decorations.  Feel free to add me on facebook.  Just make sure to leave a note stating that you're coming from this site :)!/profile.php?id=13912472

I need neighbors!  Honest ones.  Thanks.


add me


will add your as my neighbor

hi I'm happy to have you as a neighbour.

i live in australia and am always looking for new farmville friends

will add your for a neighbor

I'm on level 43 I have a good amount of rare chickens and need more neighbors I give gifts almost daliy  





need some neighbors

i will add you as a neighbor!/profile.php?id=1381307004

Hi, i live in Australia and am always looking for new neighours  on Farmville

I'm currently at level 92. I always like to master the lastest new crops and am progressively mastering all other crops and trees. I regularly troll the news feed for items to share, help with bushels for crafting buildings (I have a bakery and spa), building materials and watering cans for seedlings. I am a reliable coop buddy having gained gold in 54/60 coops. I also breed and share foals at least 2 out of 3 days

 Need help, Just send a call out!

I love to decorate my farm with the newest themes but still like to keep it as a functional farm

Hi I need neighbors in farmville. Six of my neighbors quit playing so I need some new ones. I'm level 44, I love to send gifts and try to visit neighbors farms every day. Please send me a friend request and I will add you.

Thanks, Robin Lewis Woods

Please add me. I play daily. Looking for friends that play also. Thank you.

add me to ur farmville friend

Hi Emilia, if you don't mind i would love to be your neighbor,  also play daily.

Hi there!  I am looking for a few new friends to play Farmville!  I would like to expand my farm.  It's fun!...and I hope to hear from some of you!   Thanks!!!

it would be great to be friends as i aslo would like to expand my farm!!!!!!

i am looking for more neighbors in farmville i play everyday

i also play every day and would lve to be neighbors

Level 74

Hi I need honest neighbors badly I play and send gifts every day farmville lets me and if there are certain gifts you want I do me best to send them I try to keep trees and animals ready that you can get collectibles from I have been having trouble out of farmville and their support page so as long as you send me a gift either telling what you want or just send the gift you want I can send it back. If you want to be neighbors add me at Gene Carlton on facebook and say howdy neighbor please dont respond on this site just on facbook. Level 66 right now with 47 neighbors but that's goneing down due to people using cheater programs that zynga is punishing all for!!!

i would love more farmville neighbors i am on level 31 and play every day, i will send you any gifts that you need.    Thanks !!

I would like some new Farmville neighbors so I can expand. I play daily and give all the gifts I can. I check my neighbors farms and help where I can. I like it when neighbors request specific items for building, etc. so I can send them what they need. I just started playing in January. I am at level 24. 

I would like some more farmville neighbors so I can expand. I am @ level 90. I have been playing for 2 years. I have a lot of friends but only a handful that play farmville.

Count me in...Thanks

U r at 90 whaoo I would like to see ur farm add me.

I Need New Neighbours Please I Play Lots Of Times Daily And Always Send And Return Gifts.

Looking for neighbors also...Thanks

hello, i am looking for new neighbours please, i also return gifts. Thank you

Great, I'm looking for neighbors...Thanks

Need more neighbors...Play every day.   Level 88

hi there, i am looking for new  farmville neighbours please. I go on everyday day and will send you gifts. Thank you. I  am only on level 23 as not been playing very long

 add me i m at 37 and i also do .

hey tracie add me as a friend and i'll b glad 2 add u as a neighbor

I play FV everyday and would be pleased to have you for a neighbor. I pride myself on being a good neighbor and would be for you should you need me.


add me add me add me I also play everyday

Hi there I m lookin for new Friends for Farmville and I at 36 level plz add me.

hey mark,add me as a friend and say wonderhow2 and i'll b glad 2 add u as a neighbor

friend & neighbor me       thax!!!!

Mike Knerl

friend & neighbor me

Hey everyone, just started out on farmville and i need neighbors in a bad way.

im almost to level 15. please help me out.

hey andrew,i'm always happy 2 get more neighbors.friend me and say wonderhow 2 and i'll add u as a neighbor

I want to beat it all - collectables, ribbons, mastery....need neighbors before I can get it really goin..

my facebook profile is


 Facebook Gamerz: This fan page helps gamers gain a edge on any facebook game. LIKE facebook Gamerz

Hi - I am level 37, have been playing about a month and right now I am trying to sort out the mess I made on my farms... playing daily,sending gifts/visiting and also checking the game wall and helping.

friend & neighbor me!!!!!


Mike Knerl

I need farmville friends. I am level 66 and need more friends to expand. I am a good neighbor. I play for crop mastery and I am good about sending gifts and enjoy helping my neighbors.

Hey chelsey, do u play c-ville?? if so neighbor me!!!!



Hi. I play everyday and desperately need new friends/neighbors. wanna play? I also play cv: city of snuffalupagus.

looking for farmville neighbor so I can add me...facebook name  Hazel Reese

Looking for some good and fair farmville neighbors level 130, also trying to expand and need some  more add me

Hi everyone, I m a level 39 looking for friends to advance in any type of activity on Farmville. Thanks in advance

hi there i also in need of fv neighors to incease my farms please join me.......thank-you

I NEED CITYVILLE NEIGHBORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking for Farmville neighbors too!  Level 96.  Also trying to expand and I try to be a good neighbor.

I need more neighbors to expand farm...please add me...thanks!

Add me please

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