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Hi, ive managed to get to a level 84 but I really need more neighbours.Could any polite players please add me? Im a good neighbour who always thanks for whatever I take. 

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hi karen, pleased to meet you... I am new to farmville managed to get to level 29 but need more neighbours to expand farm if you like i can add you as neighbour

oops correction on spelling mistake "pleased"

hi Karen i'd be happy to add you as a neighbour

Would like a good polite neighor. Will add you if you like. How do we do this?

i am on level 34 but don't have much neighbords can ou pls d me

Hi Karen, I'm slowly replacing a bunch of do-nothing neighbors I had gotten rid of.  I am considered a good neighbor and would only add the same, so feel welcome to send a friend request if you'd like.

Hi Karen - I'd love to be your FV neighbour, I'm on level 97 and need more friends to help me expands, Tx

Hi Karen, you can add me as neighbor, I am on 100 Level:)

Hi Karen'

I am fairly new to facebook and am looking for some neighbours.



Hi Karen    I play daily and I am also a conciderate neighbor.   Im level 80.  If u want to be neighbors plz request me.   ty           Linda

did u get my friend invite???


Please add me as your neighbor in farmville, I love to play

Hello neighbor.  If there is anyone else out there that would like me as a neighbor, please do add me.

Hi Karen, I'm also looking for farmville neighbors to help and to expand my farm.

Please add me to your neighbors.


 I tried finding u but had no luck..But u can send me a friend invite..oxox

I really need neighbors and would love to add you and anyone else. I've gotten to 47 pretty much on my own. Not even sure how to add....please advise!!!

Hi Karen, I'm not sure what level I'm on between 50 and 60 anyway.I need 5 neighbours to make my farm larger.You sound perfect especially as i hate it when you go to take something only to find it gone.It doesn't take much to press "like",does it?

Anyway i hope you accept me as a neighbour.

Thank you, Melanie

Hi Karen, I'm at level 190 and I like to share new trees and other goodies. If your interested in our small group, (FV Friends Helping Friends) feel free to add me. I have a few neighbor spaces left.


Hi Karen, I would like more neighbours to expand my farm, so I can add you as a neighbour, if you like.

I need friends add neighbors add me

Hi Karen, i would love to be your neighbor, i am a very hard work takes care of my farm and my neighbors farm, i willdo the same for you. take care and be bless.

Hi Karen, I play daily on Farmville, farmtown and fairyland, I need 3 more neighbors to upgrade farmvillle, took forever i'd be grateful if you'd add me please and ty :) krazypufff@yahoo

Hi Kimberly,  I am new to Farmville and looking for neighbours.  I also play daily and gift daily.

facebook is giving me problems due to me looking for neighbors.  I play daily, visit farms, post quite a bit of stuff.  Please add me I will accept your request.

Add me plz plz

Add me plz plz

hello, anbody looking few a new neighbour

Yes I am looking for neighbors.  Send me a note to join and I'll put you on

Hi; I am a good neighbor who needs more friends to play with. Won't YOU be my neighbor?!!

Hi; I am a good neighbor who needs more friends to play with. Won't YOU be my neighbor?!!

plz add me as neighbour

my id

I would love to be your neighbor in farmville, please add me as neighbor

serious farmville player.sends gifts everyday

Hi there,

You may add me too!


Chantal Hek

I need 12 more daily players as neighbors.

Hello, can u send a friend invite..I could not find u in my listing..I would be glad to be added to your Farmville neighbor if u still need one..oxox

i will try to find u


I will try to find u & either friend u or neighbor u



Hey guys, please invite me, i will invite as many as you as i can :) ty

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