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I recently started playing Farmville and am building a horses farm My quetion is, what do I have to do in my nursery to prouce a horse? I have put 9 Cream draft foals in and the nursery sparkels but have not had a horse in 8 attempts. What am I doing wrong.

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You aren't don't anything wrong.  the nursery barn won't produce something each and every day.  i have gone days without producing anything thing then i will have calves grow up and foals grow up 4 or 5 days in a row.  so it works best if its full so put more foals if you want horses but if you don't care add calves especially the green and pink they turn into chocolate cows and yield 80 coins in the dairy barn when harvested.  hope this helps.

Here is my link. Come be my neighbor :D! I am very active in Farmville!

Where do the colorful pretty fouls come from? Never seen one in the market...

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