News: Wild Mustang Problems?

Wild Mustang Problems?


  • If some of your friends did not get the email, find one of the 5-15 people you selected who did, ask them for the link and fix it using the steps below then share it on your feed so it can get clicked by anyone!
    -They do not have to have been selected to receive the email. Get 5 people to click on it and you will get your mustang!

Helping your friends

Have you gotten an email from a friend asking to help them wrangle the wild mustang?

It comes to your real email address (this is a screen shot of my gmail) not your facemail.

Wild Mustang Problems?

When you click the green 'help friend' button it takes you to a screen and you can click yes to help your friend. 

Be sure to save the link from the email by right clicking it so you can share it with the friend you helped. Then they can post it on their feed and finish wrangling the mustang.

  • Right click 'Help friend' link and select 'copy link address/location'
  • You can paste this link on your friends wall, in a private message to them, on one of their recent farmville posts, or in a chat message to them.

Wild Mustang Problems?

Getting your own mustang

If you leave your farm idle for a while, maybe open it then go do the dishes or check your email in another tab, you may get a popup asking you if you would like to wrangle a wild mustang.You get 3 days to wrangle it and need 5 helpers. When finished wrangling, your friend will be able to share a foal with 5 people.

Wild Mustang Problems?

When you click 'ask for help' you get another popup with all your neighbors listed. You can check off between 5 and 15 of them then click next.

Wild Mustang Problems?

So far, for me, nothing happens after I click next and I'm assuming the emails get sent out and I must just wait. I did go 3 days with 0/5 helpers, then I got another popup asking for help. Now I'm seeing 2/5 so it must have gone through! I haven't gotten my link from anyone, so I'm just waiting and hoping it works this time!

Wild Mustang Problems?

*Next day I got this pop-up. I clicked cancel, and now I'm at 4/5 helped with 2 days left. This mustang business is crazy, but I'm going to wait it out and see what happens!

Wild Mustang Problems?

I just got a pic from a friend who is only level 23 and couldn't capture the mustang in time, but her's was offered for only  12 farm cash! WHAT is going on here?! 

Wild Mustang Problems?

Well, it's been a few more days and it's down to 4 farm cash to buy! I still refuse to pay money for this. I know Zynga can get those emails to work one of these days! It seems like everyone around me has theirs now but me :( 

Wild Mustang Problems?

*I have been able to help other friends by getting the email then sharing the link with them. They shared with their friends, even those who didn't get selected to get the email. Then they got their mustangs! This has worked for several of my friends and they were able to share a foal with me once they set the mustang on their farm. 

Wild Mustang Problems?

This is all I know for now and will update if I hear anything else. 

Other issues and problems 

I realize there are issues where none of the people you selected are getting the email, so they can't help. 

There is another issue where you get the initial pop-up but the friend request screen never comes (I had to wait several minutes for mine).

Keep in mind that the popups may be interfering with the farmer's market. Make sure that you reload your farm before you try leaving it idle if you had previously clicked on anything farmer's market related!!

As always, feel free to contact Zynga customer support if you have problems on your farm!

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What do you do if you weren't even able to send the emails to begin with? Is there a work-around for that?

You may wish to contact customer support, I've also had this problem, but got the popup again later to try with and that worked. So you could just wait it out.

Well I got my third Mustang seemingly pop-up received. but I have no one sent a mail to help me. I have the mustang are left in the picture but do not know how I can get him now. is there someone who know how to ask for support??

There is a link to zynga support at the bottom of this article.

I got my first Mustang Stallion wondering onto my farm today but before I could ask any of my neighbours to help the game went out of sync so now I am waiting to hear from Zynga for help on how to get the stallion as I have the logo.

Since I post this I have manage to get 2 of the Wild Mustang Stallions

You're lucky! I still haven't gotten my first mustang!

Well Katie you can add me as a neighbour & when you get yours & you need help then you can ask me for help & I will help you. The tip I got was to have farmville open in a tab & leave the game idle for the wild mustang stallion to appear but it took me 4 times the first time & only 1 time for the second 1

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