News: Rainbow Chickens

Rainbow Chickens

This page dedicated to rainbow chicken and all it's rewards as we discover them!

Ways to get her: Mystery game 9/14-9/21 for 16 farm cash, permanent animal in the market for 28 farm cash, rainbow mystery egg for free on the feed and on neighbors farms.

Rainbow Chickens

Put her in your coop!

Rainbow Chickens

Get eggs from neighbor's farms with rainbow chickens in their coop or from the facebook feed.

Rainbow Chickens

Remember, you can only share THREE (3) mystery eggs with friends. 

Rainbow Chickens

Open your eggs and win prizes!

Rainbow Chickens

Rainbow Chickens

Put new rainbow chickens back into your coop!

Rainbow Chickens

Rainbow Chickens

Prizes won from rainbow chicken eggs:

Rainbow Chicken - Collect for 64 coins/day. Sell for 750 coins. Gives you 400 XP when you open it.

Rainbow Chickens

Rainbow Cottage - Sell for 2500 coins. 

Rainbow Chickens

Farm Cash

Rhode Island Red Chicken

Scotts Grey Chicken

Cornish Chicken



Chicken Gnome

20 Fuel Refills - 500 XP comes with this one

Buttons - Pearl, Formal, Jewel

What did you find?

FarmVille Rainbow Cottage

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can u please add me as a neighbor i really really really want a rainbow chicken but cant afford one :( i hate that farmcash cost money :(

I NEED A RAINBOW CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can buy one in the market

So glad I had two nursery barns, and they gave us 100FC, and that someone alerted me to the Rainbow chicken. I've got a RAINBOW CHICKEN! I'm stoked. Now I just need to wait until 5pm to harvest m 1/60 coop

Awesome !!! I'm still learning all I can :)

Please add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a rainbow chicken and none of my friends have one and no one has enough farm cash

ok so can we only make eggs once per day? or can we make more like the foals depedning on how far along they are?

Just one for now. Once in a while they change the code and you can make more. Keep an eye on your really active neighbors for those times :)

add me plz im level 36 cant afford a rainbow chick

add me plz im lv 27 and i want a rainbow chicking so bad bud i dont have the farmcash

need rainbow eggs

I cannot even get into most of my neighbours feed. Any suggestions? And, I need neighbours.

Add meeeeeeeeee :)

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