News: FarmVille Uncensored

FarmVille Uncensored

Innocence meets malignancy.  Expressiveness meets perversion.  Farmville meets Disturbia.

Can you top these funny and disturbing FarmVille hay bale art masterpieces?  Surprisingly, few farmers have dedicated their farms to perversity—but maybe more should!  I'm surprised no one has designed boobs yet.  Most seem to prefer swastikas.

Booty Farm
(1) Hitler plays FarmVille, too, (2) Swastika Farm, (3) Swastika Farm 2, (4) Swastika Farm 3, (5) Swastika Farm 4, (6) LOL: A Swastika
(1) Penis Farm?, (2) Penis "Enlargement"
The Godfather
Farmville sucks [d**k]

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