News: Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

You may want to create a list of certain friends so that you can post certain status updates, photo albums, links, or application posts for just them to see. I'll show you how to set up lists

Step 1 Select 'edit friends' from the top right corner of the screen under 'account'.

Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

Step 2 Create list for FarmVille

You should also make one for family, coworkers, strangers, children, etc.

Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

Step 3 You're done! 

Wasn't that easy? You can add more lists, add people to lists with the drop down menu next to their name, or edit lists by selecting the list and clicking edit at the top. 

Step 4 You can hide your posts from certain lists of people.

Perhaps you don't want your coworkers seeing your FarmVille posts, or maybe you suspect some of your friends are cheating but you don't want to delete them. You can create a special list for them using the above method, then change your privacy settings so they never see any of your posts. Keep in mind that if you do want that list to see any of your statuses, links or posts, you must manually change your settings for that post. 

Here's how you can change your privacy settings:

Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

You can change whatever setting you want by clicking customize. Here I show the first one, to block posts from people I suspect of cheating:

Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

Click save and you're done! Those people will no longer see your posts.

Using the lists for FarmVille Posts:

Now when you're ready to publish a post you can select custom from the lock icon:

Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

Select 'Specific People...' and start typing in the name of the list you want. It will show up and you can hit enter or select it. You can also type the names of specific people. This is useful if you want to share a rare item with some people who have helped you out a lot in the past. 

If you want to, you can hide the list from certain people in the next text field. You might want to hide your post from coworkers or underaged children. I like to keep a list of people who I suspect might be cheating and hide it from them here. In this case my list is called 'zero people' as I have no one in it.

Click save settings and you're ready to share your post! 

Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

Now when you hover your mouse over the post you will see that only that list can see the post

Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

Another method for sharing links

You can use the above method to select a few people to share an item with, or you can send them the link for it through chat/ private message. To get the link, you need to right click the picture of the item when it pops up, then copy link address/location. Paste that link into your chat or message and you're done! 

If you send out all available items privately, please dont publish the post to the feed. I keep lists of who needs what items and if they've been good neighbors to me. I give them an item privately in chat, make sure they get it, then publish the remaining items. 

Creating Lists and Sharing with Specific friends

You can send 5 foals/ consumables from the stable. 

You can send 10 calves from the dairy.

3 people can collect from mystery eggs. 

5 can collect foals and calves from the nursery barn.

5 can collect and return slop found when harvesting the Pig Pen.

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Hi Katie and team, I like your site. Just found it yesterday. I knew how to create lists already, but teaching my friends thru messaging was lengthy. Your directions are great and the screen shots make it so easy! Great idea on excluding possible snaggers, too!
Question, do you know how many people can get collectibles that we post?

Thanks Ama! It's comments like this that make me happy to do this :)
I believe share rates currently are 3 for eggs and nursery babies, 5 for collectibles and stable babies, and 10 for dairy calves , but they keep changing things so I'm not entirely positive.

Hi - I wanted to mention that if you use Google Chrome as your browser, you won't see the lists you create when trying to customize a post for specific people. They just don't show up! They will in Foxfire and I think IE7.

I see the lists and I use mainly Chrome. Try clearing your cache and all that fun stuff!


Hi, I have been getting broken links for the past month. I have asked Zynga for help on this issue and they replied that and other neighbors have reached a limit and that is why I get the broken links ( half in blue/black). So I can't send via messages or chat. I have tried everything and it still haven't worked. They also told me that Facebook are responsible for this but I wrote to them and they told me that they do not have limitation so who is lying? Can you help me with this I try to customize my links but this is such a hassle.

Try right clicking on the blue text instead of the picture. This has helped make some of the links work better. If things are coming up claimed before you even post them, that is an issue with the zynga server that they need to work out and I can't really offer a work around for. I don't think facebook limits are causing any of your problems.
Hope this helps

Is there a way to have "Farmville only" friends? i.e. They can see farmville posts, but not my general info/posts/photos???

When I get 7 friends to help with my ducklings, the ducks on the bottom disappear and I can not claim a duck. It will only let me keep as a duckling forever. It also takes my friends from the other ducklings and starts them back at zero. Need Help Please.

Can you use lists to know which of your friends are active in which game? Example I have a friend that plays one of the games (cityville) that I play. He does not play the other four games I play (fv, fv, and cafe world or zoo world). When I go to send requests he comes up as a friend, even if I select only cafe world etc. I have to try to remember not to send him requests in the other games if I really want to get something back that I need for the game. I also do not want to bombard my friends with requests for games they are no longer playing or have never played. thanks

I only have account settings an dprivacy settings, I do not have edited friends, so how can I changed them?

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