News: FarmVille Super Combine

FarmVille Super Combine

When you log in you will get this message which will open up a screen in the market to buy your FarmVille Super Combine!FarmVille Super Combine

You can also find the Hot Rod Combine and the Combine Chasis (limit 1) in the Vehicles tab in the market later.

This does NOT go into the garage when incomplete, so be sure to find a space on your farm that is 5x4 calf sizes. 

FarmVille Super Combine

 You can buy a Hot Rod Combine for 110 farm cash that will work on a 3x3 plot area, then can be upgraded using vehicle parts to 4x4.

If you choose to buy the Combine Chasis for 500,000 coins, get 2500 xp when you place it, you will need to use vehicle parts to first build then upgrade the whole way!

FarmVille Super Combine

You can also ask for more via private gift request using the ask for more button, or complete now using farm cash. 

FarmVille Super Combine

Post a request to your feed for parts. Once your parts have arrived in your gift box you can choose to use them to your Super Combine or to your Garage.

FarmVille Super Combine

As you build you will get to share parts on the feed at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40

FarmVille Super Combine

Use and upgrades

FarmVille Super Combine

To use your Super Combine select it from your tool menu, choose what crop you want planted from the market, then go about clicking on your plots and watch as it harvest, plows, and seeds all in one click!

FarmVille Super Combine

If you use your vehicles through the garage, to get the combine select 'farm all'

FarmVille Super Combine


It will still cost the same as using each of the 3 Vehicles separately to use, but is faster than selecting them individually. So it will cost 3 fuel and 15 coins (to plow)/ per plot. 

FarmVille Super Combine


The first stage will work on 4 plots or 2x2. 

Now it will fit in your garage if you choose to put it there. I did because it's a lot easier to add parts.

FarmVille Super Combine

The next stage takes 6 parts and works on a 3x2 area. 

For 15 more parts, you can farm an area of 3x3.

For 30 more parts, farm an area of 3x4.

For 45 more parts, farm an area of 4x4. Your Combine is now fully upgraded!

Need more vehicle parts?

 Make a request to specific friends for a Vehicle Part

Don't forget about your Special Delivery Packages!

FarmVille Super Combine

I made you a video showing how to add parts quickly and how to use the Super Combine! Check it out and please share this post :)

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How does this work when you are finishing a co-op and want to start another?

I see the dilemma there, you might want to use your harvester first, then use the combine to just plow and seed once you've started the co op. Or take a short break in between co-ops to plant something else.

6572 of fuel. Are you living in Texas? XD

No, California :) lol

I really don't see the value in this. If it gave me a break on the amount of fuel I use, I would be more interested.

May be Katie would tell us how we can take this amount of fuel ;)

This isn't about less fuel, its about less clicking and time wasted resetting your crops. It uses the same amount of fuel as using each individual machine.

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